Information on re-registration (fees, etc.) will be sent by e-mail to your University of Potsdam e-mail address.

Please note:

Students in discontinued programs who no longer have the right to take examinations are not entitled to re-register. Students who are studying under study and examination regulations that were issued on the basis of the BAMA-O as of 2009 or the BAMALA-O since 2013and for whom the examination deadline has expired due to taking twice as long as the standard time for completing a degree, also do not have a right to re-register. In such cases, re-registration is only possible if the deadline for completing examinations has been extended by the Examining Board/s AND the proof of extension of the deadline is submitted to the Office of Student Affairs. Please contact your Examining Board/s.

Your enrollment as a doctoral candidate ends with the completion of your doctoral degree or the end of advising at the University of Potsdam, but definitely after 12 semesters in your subject of study. For further information see here (under Point 3).

If you wish to continue your studies at the University of Potsdam in the following semester, you must renew your registration. You must complete your re-registration between June 15 and July 15 for the following winter semester, and between January 15 and February 15 for the following summer semester. Late re-registration is possible, upon payment of the associated administrative fee (10,23 €), from July 16 to August 31 for the winter semester and from February 16 to March 15 for the summer semester. (Please also note the deadlines in the University of Potsdam’s Official Announcements!)

At the beginning of January and at the beginning of June, an e-mail containing information on re-registration and instructions on how to pay your semester fees will be sent to your University of Potsdam e-mail address.

In addition, you will receive a reminder through PULS during the re-registration period: if your re-registration payment has not yet been completed, a sample bank transfer form for the payment of your semester fees will be displayed on the start-up screen immediately after logging on to your account. This sample bank transfer form includes all individual information, such as the exact amount of your semester fees and the purpose of payment (“Verwendungszweck”). The adminisrative fee for late re-registration will be applied after the expiration of the regular re-registration period, with the sum entered in the personal transfer order template (sample) for re-registration.

When filling out the bank transfer form for your re-registration, please make sure that you always use the current purpose of payment (“Verwendungszweck”) as listed in your re-registration e-mail and in PULS.

With your timely and complete payment of the semester fees you will be automatically re-registered for the new semester, unless other circumstances prevent your re-registration. If your personal or study-related data has changed, you must notify the Office of Student Affairs of any changes prior to the payment of your semester fees.

You can update your University Chip Cards at the validation stations starting February 1 (for the summer semester) and July 1 (for the winter semester).

The printing of a certificate of enrollment (also to be used for BAföG) is available through PULS as of the afore mentioned period.

If you continue to see your personalized money transfer form (please take your bank’s processing times into consideration!) or if you are unable to print your certificate of enrollment through PULS after February 1 or July 1, please check the following:

  • whether you still owe a difference
  • whether you filled in the transfer form correctly (see your bank statement)
  • whether any other documents are necessary for your re-registration
  • whether there is a re-registration bar (When there is a re-registration bar, PULS will provide information about this).

If you have questions as to why we were unable to process your re-registration, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

FeesLegal BasisAmount
Student Service fees§ 81 Abs. 1 Nr. 3 BbgHG50,00 €
Student body fees§ 16 Abs. 4 BbgHG15,00 €
Enrollment and re-registration fees§ 14 Abs. 2 BbgHG51,00 €
Semester ticketBeitragsordnung der Studierendenschaft188,16 €
Total* 304,16 €*

* differing totals are possible due to leave of absence etc. The exact amount you have to pay is shown in PULS during the re-registration period.

Missing the re-registration deadline will result in an additional administrative fee, which is currently €10,23.
(The adminisrative fee for late re-registration will be applied after the expiration of the regular re-registration period, with the sum entered in the personal transfer order template (sample) for re-registration.)

You are obligated to pay the complete semester fee, even if you do not need a semester ticket. You can only be exempted from the fee for the semester ticket (for social or other reasons) upon application to the Student Union (AStA) (application deadlines: up to July 31 for the winter semester / up to February 28 for the summer semester; cut-off periods). Please contact only the Student Union (AStA) or the University of Potsdam regarding exemptions from the semester ticket fee. Specific information about valid reasons for an exemption, as well as the online applications, can be found here.

If students submit a leave of absence application to the Office of Student Affairs, they may also be exempted from paying the semester ticket fees, if they so desire.

If you have not re-registered despite overdue notices and the threat of de-registration, then you will be de-registered officially at the end of the current semester.

If you are planning to end your studies at the end of the semester, or if you have already completed a final exam, then please review whether re-registration is required. You can find more information on this matterhere.

If you have not successfully completed your studies, please do not pay a semester fee; instead, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

If your address has changed, please make sure to notify the Office of Student Affairs or enter your new address through the PULS portal in a timely manner.

If your insurance provider has changed, please send us the required forms of the health insurance provider (in the original) immediately. If you have switched to a private insurance provider, you must either send us a copy of the official document stating that you have been exempted from statutory health insurance or a document that certifies that you are not required to enroll in statutory health insurance.

Applications for study related changes (changes in your degree program or your major, leaves of absence, etc.) should be made prior to the payment of your semester fees within the re-registration period. Please see here for more information on the procedure as well as the required forms.

Regardless of your application you must submit a Notification of Continuation of Studies in a Master’s Degree Program to the Office of Student Affairs within the re-registration period when you intend to continue your studies in a Master’s degree program.