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A doctoral degree is globally recognized in the academic sector as well as in the private sector and in administration. The University of Potsdam offers Ph.D. opportunities in many different subject and research areas to successful graduates. Interdisciplinary centers and affiliated academic institutes promote graduate education at the University of Potsdam. Excellent cooperation partnerships with various extramural research institutions also exist. Your doctoral studies will take place in a region with one of the highest densities of research institutions in Germany and the cross-faculty Potsdam Graduate School will provide guidance and access to its national and international networks.

Initial tips and information to consider before your doctoral studies

Ph.D. students at the university library

Individual doctorates

For this type of doctorate, you carry out your research individually at a faculty. You will be supervised by a member of the academic teaching staff.

Ph.D. students writing at the blackboard

Structured Ph.D. programs

usually offer a clearly structured curriculum with a fixed topic, individual supervision and established provisions for funding.

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Binational doctorate (Cotutelle procedure)

This type of Ph.D. offers binational advisors and a double degree.

There are several ways to finance your doctoral studies. You can find an overview of some of the options here.

If you are pursuing a Ph.D. at a university abroad and want to spend some time at the UP in the context of your doctoral studies, the Welcome Center will provide you with the necessary information.

There are various points of contact for prospective Ph.D. students and current doctoral candidates. You can find an overview of the people in charge here.