Wissenschaftler bei der Arbeit
Image: Karla Fritze

You are striving for an academic career and want to earn your doctorate?

The doctoral degree is internationally recognized in academia, but also in business and administration. You can earn your doctoral degree from the University of Potsdam in a wide range of fields and research areas. Interdisciplinary centers and affiliated academic institutes support graduate study at the University of Potsdam. The University also has excellent relations with a large number of extramural research institutions. You will be earning your doctorate in one of the most densely populated scholarly landscapes in Germany, experience dedicated advising, and be part of the domestic and international network of the transdisciplinary Potsdam Graduate School.

If you are an international doctoral student, the Welcome Center Potsdam is your point of contact for a variety of services, consultation, and support regarding your stay in Potsdam.

A doctorate consists of writing a dissertation and taking an oral exam. Upon successful completion, you will receive the doctoral degree. The completion of the dissertation should normally not take more than three years. The quality criteria developed by the Potsdam Graduate School are the minimum standards for the doctoral degree; these must be observed. The responsibilities for doctoral training lie with the different faculties.

Getting Your Doctorate: Possibilities and Contact Persons

This option means that you are earning your doctorate independently within a program or department. A faculty member is your advisor.

More than 25 structured doctoral programs at the University of Potsdam offer you a fixed curriculum with a predetermined topic and individual advising.

This option offers you binational advising and a double degree.

Here you will learn how to find an advisor for your doctoral dissertation.

There are several contact points at the University of Potsdam where prospective and current doctoral candidates can receive more information and support.