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If you are interested in studying at the University of Potsdam, you should get started soon with research on the housing market, or apply for housing at the Potsdam Association for Student Affairs.

Student Housing in Potsdam

The housing and construction division of the Potsdam Association for Student Affairs rents housing to Bachelor and Master students in dormitories in various locations in Potsdam. For students with children or physically disabled students, the Association for Student Affairs has special rooms with especially favorable living conditions. In general, people looking for housing should contact the administrators as soon as possible. The rooms and housing units are very popular among Potsdam’s students.

Living in Private Residential Communities

If you don’t want to live in student housing or didn’t get in, you can look for housing on the open market or become part of a residential community (Wohngemeinschaft, or WG for short). You can get started with your housing search with (student) housing exchanges on the Internet, ads in the local paper, local housing administration companies, and housing cooperatives. You can often see ads for free rooms in a WG on bulletin boards at the University, for example in the cafes, cafeterias, and in the Potsdam Association for Student Affairs.