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General Information

Obligation to cooperate

Please check your study achievements on accuracy as well as the topic and the submission deadline of your final thesis listed on your transcript of records by accessing PULS. Inquiries and adjustments regarding the previous topics can be made due to the office hours at the Student Administration Center/ Examination Office.

Regulations and legal foundations

The organization of your course of studies is regulated by the respective subject-specific regulations for each discipline, which are based on the applicable General Regulations (BAMA-O or BAMALA-O). Go here to find information regarding your study and examination regulations.

Your examination version

The “examination version” is the version of the study and examination regulations that you are currently studying. You will find the applicable examination version on your transcript of records (Leistungsübersicht), displayed with the semester your study and examination regulations took effect. Login to PULS  in order to print out the document. 

Study and examination achievements and module examination

There is a difference between primary examination, secondary examination and academic performance.

Primary examinations are graded achievements within the module (module examination), that are included in the overall grade of the course of study. The grades that are received equal to the module grade. Go to discipline-specific regulations for study and examinations to find detailed information on the type and extent of the primary examination. In case the primary examination is listed as ungraded, the module description of the discipline-specific regulation must specifically state that fact (“ungraded”).

Secondary examinations are ungraded achievements and labeled as either “passed” or “not passed”. They can be seen as prerequisites  for the participation of the module examination or as prerequisitesfor the final completion of the module. In case of a prerequisite for the participation of the module examination, the secondary examination must have been passed before the registration or participation of the module examination. Therefore every single secondary examination must be registered in order to participate in it. Note that the registration of the secondary examination is associated with the registration for the course because secondary examinations have to be completed within a course. If stated in your discipline-specific regulation, that secondary examinations exist in the course, you are obliged to register for the secondary examination in order to pass the course.

Academic performance is neither a primary nor a secondary examination and therefore not labeled as “passed” or “graded”.

Your Transcript of Records

If you are enrolled in a degree program please log in to PULS (“My Achievements” or “My Documents”) to print out a transcript of records. This document provides your current status of achievements and registrations, available in German and English.

According to the English translation, please notice: The Examination Office cannot guarantee the completeness and correctness of the provided translation. If any translation is missing on your English transcript of records, please contact the department your degree program is associate with. The person in charge is able to add any missing translation.

If you are not able to access PULS anymore, please contact the Examination Office, who is still able to provide your transcript of records.

In case your course of study is not accessible through PULS please contact the department your degree program is associate with.

Registration of examination

Every single examination has to be registered, otherwise, you will lose your right to participate. Go here to find information on how to register the exam.

Information on the modularized course of studies that are accessible through PULS can be found here: Organizing your exam with PULS.

Registration for the final thesis

Go to the final thesis to find information on the final thesis, assigning the topic, etc.

Official announcement of examination results

Open the transcript of records in PULS to get a current overview of all your examination results.

Right to examination

You only have the right to examination in the degree program in which you are enrolled. Taking courses is also possible if these are not classified in the degree program in which you are enrolled. Registration for primary/secondary examinations, however, is limited to the modules that are allocated to the degree program in which you are enrolled. This means that all courses can be completed, yet there is no record of performance if you are not enrolled in this particular course of study.

In case of illness

If you failed to participate in an examination due to illness, you have to submit the original medical certificate including the attachment to the medical certificate within 7 calendar days to the Student Administration Center/ Examination Office.  Please check your transcript of records to see, whether the entry of the medical certificate was successful. The previous registration should be canceled.

Cancellation and expiration of Degree Programs

Go here to find information on the cancellation and expiration of degree programs.

Contact information and office hours of the Student Administration Center/ Examination Office