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DaF - Language Learning Counselling

Image: Ch. Lehker, Zessko
Schematic representation of a consultation: Learning goals, how to get there, resources ...

In addition to language courses Zessko offers you the opportunity to perform your own learning projects for which you receive support from a professional learning consultant.

We offer two forms of langage learning counselling:

  1. You can seek consultation to discuss a specific learning request. To do this, please make an individual appointment with our DaF Advisor, Christoph Lehker.
  2. You can use Supervised Intedendent Study as a form of learning outside of your coursework and develop an individual learning project. After completing the project, you then receive 3 credit points in Studiumplus (no grades) or 3 European Credit Transfer System credits (no grades). If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please register for Independent Study with Supervision.


Schedule an individual consultation appointment if you

  • Need explanations of a language-related phenomenon, for example vocabulary explanations, questions about appropriate language style in a specific situation (language advising),
  • Would like to make your learning process more effective and are looking for tips for appropriate methods and resources (information and training),
  • Need support to reflect on your learning, define your own learning objectives, overcome your learning obstacles, or find new ways to learn and thus improve your learning competence (learning advising and coaching).
Image: Ch. Lehker, Zessko


Independent Study with Supervision

If you would like to set up an individual learning project and/or your learning objectives do not fit a specific course, you can also choose the Supervised Independent Study format as a mode of out-of-classroom learning. This means:

You as the learner

  • Define your learning goals,
  • Evaluate your individual competences,
  • Plan your learning process for a period totaling 90 hours, 
  • Participate in at least three individual learning consultations,
  • Attend at least one thematically appropriate group workshop on learning strategies, methods, and resources,
  • Document and evaluate your learning process with a learning journal or a portfolio, and
  • You receive 3 credit points or ECTS credits upon successful completion of the learning project and presentation of the learning results.

The learning advisor

  • Supports you as you define meaningful and attainable learning goals,
  • Asks you questions about self-evaluation and learning planning,
  • Is available for individual consultations (about 30 to 40 minutes per appointment),
  • Offers workshops on strategy and method training (group workshops),
  • Provides you with personal feedback on your documented learning process (learning progress and learning results),
  • Offers, to a limited extent, corrections to your oral and written production.

A learning project corresponds to about 90 hours of learning time, the arrangement of which is flexible. After successfully completing your project, you receive 3 ECTS credits or 3 credit points for Studiumplus (key competences).

If you have further questions about this form of learning, please contact the DaF Advisor, Christoph Lehker.


Image: Ch. Lehker, Zessko