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Study and Examination Regulations


The content and organization of university studies are governed by the respective subject-specific regulations for each discipline, which are based on the applicable Allgemeine Ordnung (general regulations). These documents govern in particular the regulations for examinations, such as examination deadlines, the number and form of the examinations that must be passed, and their requirements (the performance monitoring process).

Foreign language skill documentation, combination possibilities, standard time for completing a degree, and the form of academic and examination performance are articulated in the subject-specific regulations. A sample degree progress plan is typically provided so that you can see how your studies could be structured within a standard period of study.

If new study and examination regulations are adopted, then these apply to those students who are enrolled as of that point in time. Transitional provisions for previous students in each subject are included in the new regulations.

Interdisciplinary Regulations

Module Catalogs for the Faculties

Module Catalogs for the Programs of Study

Key Competences / Studiumplus in Bachelor’s Programs (excluding teacher education)

State Exams