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Foreign language requirements according to the Course Regulations

According to the Course Regulations, it is recommended that students in "Politics and Administration", "Politics, Administration and Organization", as well as “Politics and Business”, attain foreign language skills, specifically English skills, at the C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages by completing either one English course at the UNIcert III or IV level. Six to twelve credit points (CPs) of foreign language coursework can be taken in order to fulfill this recommendation.

If the student scores between 50 and 69 points on the placement test for key competence in English, then he or she can take preparatory English for Academic Purposes courses at the UNIcert II level at Zessko at the University of Potsdam, or, and in particular when the score is below 50, attend courses at an institution outside the university.

Courses in English for the Social Sciences as a key competence

Students in all other subjects can complete English courses that correspond to their placement test results, thereby completing credit points in their key competence areas, depending on the Course Regulations, completing important additional professional and key competences.

Courses in English for the Social Sciences as a supplementary learning opportunity

Students in courses of study and subjects that do not include key competences, for example teacher-training or master’s programs, can in principle attend all English courses for which the participation requirements are met in the form of placement test results, as long as the course seats are not already taken by BA students from the University of Potsdam. You can find more information here.

For students who are planning to study abroad or complete an internship abroad, or who are interested in a master’s program, and who have attained at least the C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF), we recommend, in accordance with their respective prior skills, to complete the UNIcert Level III or IV examinations to earn a UNIcert certificate.