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Placement test

Information on the placement tests

The prerequisite for taking all English courses at the University of Potsdam, without exception, is the placement test.  

In English for Academic Purposes (EAP), the following binding course assignments are made on the basis of the placement test results:

Placement test results

Course description

Information and registration

50-59 points

UNIcert II/1 EAP*

Info and registration via PULS

60-69 points

UNIcert II/2 EAP*
Prepares for UNIcert II
exam (Level B2)

Info and registration via PULS

70-79 points

UNIcert III/1 EAP*

Info and registration via PULS

80-89 points

UNIcert III/2 EAP*
Prepares for UNIcert III
exam (Level C1)

Info and registration via PULS

90-100 points

UNIcert IV/1 Sowi/Wiwi**

Info and registration via PULS

Only after IV/1

UNIcert IV/2 Sowi/Wiwi **
Prepares for UNIcert IV
exam (Level C2)

Info and registration via PULS

* EAP: English for Academic Purposes / Englisch für akademische Zwecke 
** Sowi/Wiwi: English for Economics and Business Studies and for Social Sciences / Englisch der Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften

Course registration

Winter semester: as of 1 October
Summer semester: as of 1 April

More information on the placement tests