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Registration for our regular English for Law courses in the Summer Semester 2021 will begin

for 4th semester (and higher): Friday, March 26, 10:00

for 2nd semester (and higher): Friday, April 9, 10:00

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English for Law - UNIcert® III/1

This course is designed to give the student a working knowledge of the principles of the most important features of English law, to this end the course covers a wide range of topics.  This course is interactive insofar that the students will be encouraged to take an active part in discussion of the various topics under consideration and present their points of view by reasoned argument.  The course will be conducted entirely in English - this way the students' knowledge of general and legal English will be enhanced.

 This course fulfills the foreign language requirement set forth in § 9 of the "Studienordnung" for law students.

The American Legal System - Part 1 - UNIcert® III/1

This is the first part of a two-semester course offering a comprehensive introduction to the common law system of the United States. In this course we examine the lawmaking process, court structure, the function of the jury, the differences between civil and criminal law, and the American constitution. By reading and discussing original texts, including an authentic case concerning civil rights, students will develop their analytical skills and acquire a command of American legal terminology. The class, which is discussion-based, requires active participation, regular preparation and ends with a course test.  Like all UNIcert® courses, this class has a strict attendance requirement.  No more than five absences are allowed.

 This course fulfills the foreign language requirement set forth in § 9 of the "Studienordnung" for law students.

Upon completion of the second part of the course on torts and contracts (UNIcert® III/2) students may take the UNIcert III exam in Legal English to receive the UNIcert® certificate.

The American Legal System - Part 2 - UNIcert® III/2

This course is a continuation of "The American Legal System - Part I" and further develops students' competence in legal English.  The course treats the principles and terminology of the law of torts and contracts, with special emphasis on developing speaking, writing and analytical skills.  After completing thiis course, students are prepared to study law or do a legal internship in an English-speaking country as well as to discuss legal problems with English-speaking clients. Students who take this course are entitled to take the UNIcert® III exam in legal English and receive the UNIcert® III certificate.