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Suguta Valley Project (DFG)

Suguta Valley
Foto: M.H. Trauth
PI:Prof. Dr. Martin TrauthGeologist, UP, trauthgeo.uni-potsdamde
Co-PI:Prof. Manfred StreckerGeologist, UP, streckergeo.uni-potsdamde
Members:Jun.-Prof. Dr. Annett JungingerGeologist, U Tübingen
 Dr. Daniel MelnickGeologist, Postdoc
 Dr. Yannick GarcinGeologist, Postdoc
 Veronica Acosta TorresGeologist, Graduateschool GRK1364
 Dipl.-Geol. Sven BorchardtRemote Sensing Specialist, BMWi EnMAP
 Dipl.-Geol. Thomas EbertRemote Sensing Specialist, Graduateschool GRK1364
 Dr. Matthias Konrad-SchmolkeGeochemist, UP, mkonradgeo.uni-potsdamde
Partners:Dr. Alan DeinoGeochronologist, BGC, USA
 Prof. Dr. Mark MaslinPaleoclimatologist,University College London, UK
 Prof. Dr. E. OdadaPaleoclimatologist, University of Nairobi, Kenya
 Prof. Dr. Daniel OlagoPaleolimnologist, University of Nairobi, Kenya
Logistics:Benjamin SimpsonHelicopter Pilot, Tropic Air Kenya
Funding:Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft GRK 1364, TR419/6-1, -3 and -5, 2007-2014
Permit:MOST 13/001/30C 59/22, NCST/RRI/12/1/BS011/78 and NCST/RCD/14/013/219
Summary:A two-week expedition in June 2007 was carried out to investigate the late Cenozoic structural inventory and lacustrine deposits of the Suguta Valley in Northern Kenya. The first objective of this study is the mapping of tectonic structures to better understand the structural evolution, depositional environment, and drainage networks in the Northern Kenya Rift. The second objective of this expedition is to map paleo-lake shorelines, sample lacustrine strata and paleosoils, datable tephras, and volcanic flows to reconstruct the environmental history of the region. This study will close a crucial 200-km-long gap in the tectonic and sedimentary record of East Africa. This new information will provide data needed for a better understanding of environmental changes in the course of the volcano-tectonic evolution and climate fluctuations during the last five million years. Ultimately, paleoclimate records from the Northern Kenya Rift may help provide new insights into (1) the spatial and temporal synchroneity of the Early Holocene climate optimum in East Africa, (2) the role of the tropics in glacial-interglacial transitions during the Pleistocene, and (3) the linkages between Plio-Pleistocene climate changes and hominin evolution in East Africa.
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