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Master Geosciences

General Information

Here you find a description of the course program, our course brochure, the contacts of our student advisors and other important information about the MSc

How to apply?

This contains all important information on the application procedure, it lists the requirement documents and where to get help.

Laboratory Courses

The institute has excellent science laboratories where our students are trained in laboratory methods. Here are some examples of attractive laboratory cour

Field Courses

The interdisciplinary field courses worldwide, which combine traditional terrain methods with modern measurement methods in an excellent way, are certainly

Geoscience Careers

Here you can find examples of careers of our graduates and interviews with them, in which they tell us what they found important on the way to their profes

Graduate Research

This page contains examples of current research projects in which you can work together with internationally recognized scientists.


Erasmus+ is a higher education programme of the European Union that has been promoting cross-border mobility of students, university lecturers and ...

Student Union

The student union Geow!ss represents all students studying geosciences, geology, mineralogy or geophysics at the University of Potsdam.