Institutskolloquium Sommersemester 2022

Seminars are held on Mondays at 4:15 in SoSe 2022

In-person talks will be held in House 27, room 0.01
Contact Ed Sobel for more Information

Oct 17 Welcome to the new semester
Oct 24

Max Wilke

Applications of synchrotron radiation to ore-forming processes

Oct 31

Nov 7

Francois Renard
University of Oslo & University of Grenoble

Anatomy of earthquakes in the lower continental crust
Nov 14Mark Handy
FU Berlin

The AlpArray project and how it is changing our views of orogenesis

Nov 21
Marc Hirschmann
University Minnesota
Chemical habitability and planetary volatiles - a story of loss
Nov 28Paul Overduin
Understanding a hidden climate system component:  observations and modelling of subsea permafrost
Dec 5Vivi Pedersen
Aarhus University
Glacial landscape evolution in Northeast Greenland and Scandinavia
Dec 12
Tobias Rolf
University of Oslo
The evolution of Venus: a geodynamics perspective on what we know, need to know, and will hopefully soon know
Dec 19Holiday 
Dec 26Holiday 
Jan 2  
Jan 9
Only Zoom

Christine Thomas
University of Münster

Seismic structures near the core-mantle boundary
Jan 16Ben Norden
Across-scales characterization of siliciclastic rocks for a sustainable utilization of the subsurface in the North German Basin
Jan 23Martin Hensch
Geological Survey of Baden-Württemberg

Ten years of Deep Low-Frequency Earthquake observations in the East Eifel Volcanic Field: Results achieved and challenges ahead

Jan 30Alan Bischoff
Geological Survey of Finland
From shallow to deep geothermal exploration
Feb 6

Donna Whitney
U Minnesota

Domes from the deep: crustal flow and the stabilization of continents