Institutskolloquium Sommersemester 2022

Seminars are held on Mondays at 4:15 in SoSe 2022

In-person talks will be held in House 27, room 1.01
Contact Ed Sobel for more Information

April 18Easter Monday 
April 25

Patrick O'Brien
Universität Potsdam

Institute Welcome

May 2

Landscape live talk 
May 9

Mike Oskin
UC Davis

Distributed Deformation and the Earthquake Cycle
May 16Martin Herold
Land remote sensing and data driven discoveries for advancing Earth science and applications

May 23

May 30

Cengiz Yildirim
Istanbul Technical University & UP

From Coastal Geomorphology to Earthquake Hazard in Northern Cyprus
June 6Pfingstmontag 
June 13Dr. Christian Mohr
University of Potsdam
Trees Talk Tremor - How Trees respond to Tectonic Disturbances
June 20
Michaela Ecker
Kiel University
Environmental change and human evolution in the southern Kalahari Basin
June 27
Mark Panning
Planetary Seismology: Results from InSight on Mars and a trip to the farside of the Moon
July 4Andrew Wickert 
U Minnesota
The Upper Mississippi Valley: (De)glacial archive, natural fluvial experiment, & recorder of isostatic adjustment
July 11
Claudio de Morisson Valeriano
Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil
Application of Nd and Sr isotopes in sedimentary provenance studies: principles and some case studies
July 18

Stefan Norra
University of Potsdam

Arsenic - a challenge for South and South-East Asian aquifers and food chains
July 25
Manfred Mudelsee
University of Potsdam
I do it my way: Physics and business (Potsdam version)