Different optic microscopes (transmitted and reflected light)  for investigating  rocks samples and loose preparates, among which

  • Transmitted light: microscope Olympus BX 51 equipped with camera Olympus DP 72
  • Reflected light: microscope Olympus SZX 9 equipped with camera Olympus XC 30

New Wave Micromill system (X-Y-Z microsampling device): 

Binocular microscope equipped with video/photo capabilities and carbide steel drilling mechanisms to perform high precision microscopic drilling of various lithic and biogenic materials for isotopic, trace elemental and radiometric analyses. The combination of submicron stage resolution and positional accuracy, real-time video observation and a custom designed software system allows for sampling of complex structures in skeletal and crystalline materials.

Hand-drill system:

Bravo Portable Micromotor.

Sediment Processing

The sedimentary laboratory is a space for preparing marine and non-marine sedimentary samples for microscopy and other analyses, which require individual components or fabric specific analysis (e.g.,  Mass Spectrometry, trace metasls..). We carry out carful handling and sieving of biogenic and sedimentary particles of different sizes as a step of preparation for further analyses.

  • Retsch Siever AS200 (Rotating shaker) of different grain size and Retsch Test Sievers
  • Ultrasonic cleaner (Bandelin sonorex super RK100SH)
  • Electronic high-precision balance (precision: up to 0.0001g)
  • Humidity Free Chamber for sample storage
  • Drying Oven
  • mineral staining tecnhiques