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Plateau evolution and climate in the southern Central Andes

Monitoring glacial and hydrological systems in the Himalayan region

Plateau evolution in Turkey: vertical movements of the Anatolian plateau (VAMP)

Forearc segmentation and the earthquake cycle in South-Central Chile

Biomarkers and their stable isotope composition (d13C, D/H) as recorders of ancient ecosystems and changes in the hydrological cycle

Geomicrobiology Group: The role of dissolved gases on microbial ecosystems in the deep subsurface biosphere

Fault interactions on different time and length scales: the North-Tehran-Thrust and the Mosha-Fasham-Fault, Alborz mountains, Northern Iran

Exhumation, topography and the interplay between tectonics and climate: insights from thermochronology and surface-process studies (Himalaya, Tien Shan and Pamir)

Marine terraces of the last interglacial period along the Pacific coast of South America (1° N–40° S)