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April 28th



May 5th

Simone Racano

Timing of rock-uplift and of the North Anatolian Fault development in the Central Pontides (Turkey)


May 12

Julien Amalberti;

Maxime Bernard;

Cody Colleps

COOLER Project


May 19

Richard Ott

Holocene erosion transience: Quantifying soil erosion induced by ancient civilizations on Crete, Greece


May 26

No Seminar (EGU Week)


June 2

No Seminar (EGU Week)


June 9

Asfaw Erbello

The broadly rifted zone in south-western Ethiopia, East Africa2,07

June 16

Roland Freisleben

 Tectonic processes responsible for various wavelengths of permanent deformation on the western coast of South America 2,07

June 23

Sushma Prasad

Holocene Climate Variability in the Indian Monsoon Realm2,07

June 30


SMURF tea-time2,07

July 7

Sarah Lindenlaub;

Louisa Schwitzer

Gravitative mass movement modelling in the alpine region as base for realistic disaster management training scenarios


Improved computer-generated soil loss models for the Andes by calibration with catchment wide denudation rates


July 14

Apolline Mariotti

Comparison of long-term (0 - 75 ka) vs short-term (2016- 2021) variations of denudation rates in the Var catchment2,07

July 21

Willenmijn van Kooten


July 28

Magda Patyniak



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