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Bild: Dr. Heiko Pingel

Unser Arbeitsgruppenseminar, kurz SMURF-Seminar, findet während der Vorlesungszeit jeden Donnerstag um 14:15 Uhr in Haus 27, Raum 2.07 oder 2.24 statt.

Logo des SMURF-Seminars
Bild: Dr. Heiko Pingel
Termine des SMURF-Seminars
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Sommersemester 2023
27. Jul. 23TBATBA
20. Jul. 23TBATBA
13. Jul. 23TBATBA
06. Jul. 23Wolfgang SchwanghartStudying rejuvenating landscapes with chi- and knickpoint analysis using TopoToolbox
29. Jun. 23Johannes RembeExhumation of the Niedere Tauern block, insights from zircon and apatite (U-Th-Sm)/He dating
22. Jun. 23Isabel WapenhansTBA
15. Jun. 23Andreas Scharf (Sultan Qaboos University, Oman)TBA
08. Jun. 23Lorenzo Gemignani (Freie Universität Berlin)TBA
01. Jun. 23Roland FreislebenStructural and temporal characteristics of marine terraces in the Illapel earthquake area
25. Mai 23Sushma PrasadAsynchronous late Holocene droughts in the Indian Monsoon realm
18. Mai 23>>Kein Seminar (Feiertag)<<
11. Mai 23>>Kein Seminar<<
04. Mai 23>>Kein Seminar<<
27. Apr. 23>>Kein Seminar (EGU-Woche)<<
20. Apr. 23>>EGU Practice Talks<<
Wintersemester 2022/23
09. Feb. 23Lingxiao GongDrainage development in an intra-continental mountain belt: A case study from the south-Central Tien Shan
02. Feb. 23Fergus McNab (GFZ)Responses of alluvial river networks to environmental change
26. Jan. 23Simone RacanoQuaternary morphostratigraphy and uplift rates at the Central Anatolian Plateau (CAP) Southern Margin
19. Jan. 23Paper discussionWolf et al. (2022)
12. Jan. 23Johannes RembeEocimmerian Back-Arc Basin Evolution in Central Asia
05. Jan. 23>>Neujahrsempfang mit Galette des Rois<<
29. Dez. 22>>Akademische Weihnachtsferien<<
22. Dez. 22>>Akademische Weihnachtsferien<<
15. Dez. 22>>Kein Seminar (AGU-Woche)<<
08. Dez. 22Peter van der BeekMiocene cave sediments record topographic, erosional and drainage development in the Western European Alps
01. Dez. 22--
24. Nov. 22Coline AriagnoMonitoring and modelling the physical weathering of marls in badlands and its effect on erosion
17. Nov. 22Cody CollepsThe Lesser Himalaya of northwest India: Insights into India–Asia collision, fold-thrust belt exhumation, and Neogene seawater chemistry
10. Nov. 22Julien AmalbertiNoble gas signatures in snow
02. Nov. 22Amaëlle LandaisAWI Online Lecture Viewing: Glacial – interglacial variability recorded in deep polar ice cores
27. Okt. 22Cody CollepsPaper Discussion: Spencer et al. 2022: Composition of continental crust altered by the emergence of land plants. Nat Geosci 15, 735–740.
20. Okt. 22Jingtao LaiGlacial erosion and postglacial response - dynamic landscapes in a oscillating climate
Sommersemester 2022
28. Jul. 22Magda PatyniakThe surface rupture of the 2008 Nura earthquake (Mw 6.6): Uncovering a secondary, flexural-slip faulting phenomenon
21. Jul. 22Willenmijn van KootenThe influence of pre-existing heterogeneities on Cenozoic exhumation in NW Argentina
14. Jul. 22Apolline MariottiComparison of long-term (0 - 75 ka) vs short-term (2016-2021) variations of denudation rates in the Var catchment
07. Jul. 22Sarah LindenlaubGravitative mass movement modelling in the alpine region as base for realistic disaster management training scenarios
07. Jul. 22Louisa SchwitzerImproved computer-generated soil loss models for the Andes by calibration with catchment wide denudation rates
30. Jun. 22>>SMURF tea-time<<
23. Jun. 22Sushma PrasadHolocene Climate Variability in the Indian Monsoon Realm
16. Jun. 22Roland FreislebenTectonic processes responsible for various wavelengths of permanent deformation on the western coast of South America 
09. Jun. 22Asfaw ErbelloThe broadly rifted zone in south-western Ethiopia, East Africa
02. Jun. 22>>Kein Seminar (EGU-Woche)<<
26. Mai. 22>>Kein Seminar (EGU-Woche)<<
19. Mai. 22Richard OttHolocene erosion transience: Quantifying soil erosion induced by ancient civilizations on Crete, Greece
12. Mai. 22J. Amalberti, M. Bernard, and C. CollepsCOOLER Project
05. Mai. 22Simone RacanoTiming of rock-uplift and of the North Anatolian Fault development in the Central Pontides (Turkey)
28. Apr. 22>>Meet-and-greet<<


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