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Hominid Sites and Paleolakes Drilling Project (ICDP)

Foto: A. Junginger

PIs ICDP-HSPDP - Andrew Cohen, Ramon Arrowsmith, Asfawossen Asrat, Kay Behrensmeyer, Christopher Campisano, Craig Feibel, Shimeles Fisseha, Roy Johnson, John Kingston, Henry Lamb, Emma Mbua, Daniel Olago, Bernhardt Owen, Richard Potts, Robin Renaut, Frank Schabitz, Jean-Jacques Tiercelin, Martin Trauth, Mohammed Umer, Giday Woldegabriel

PIs ICDP-CHEW BAHIR - Frank Schäbitz (U Köln), Martin Trauth (U Potsdam), Henry Lamb (U Aberystwyth), Asfawossen Asrat (U Addis Ababa)

The overall goals of the project in the Chew Bahir is to test for hypothesized linkages between climate and mammalian (including hominid) evolution in tropical-subtropical eastern Africa by the acquisition and analysis of long sediment records of environmental change from the Chew Bahir basin. The anticipated time interval to be investigated by the analysis of long sediment cores from the Chew Bahir is at least the last half million years BP. This time span includes the episodic presence of archaic Homo sapiens ([lt]500 kyr BP, including H. heidelbergensisH. rhodesiensisH. neanderthalensis, and "Denisovans"), anatomically modern humans (AMH, since [lt]200 kyr BP), and H. sapiens sapiens (the subspecies including all modern humans, since ~100 kyr BP). It also includes the first (apparently failed) dispersal of AMH from Africa (125-100 kyr BP) and the successful "Out of Africa II (or III)" expansion at around 80-40 kyr BP.

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