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Logo des SMURF-Seminars
Picture: Dr. Heiko Pingel

Our group seminar, SMURF seminar for short, takes place every Thursday at 14:15 during the lecture period in house 27, room 2.07 or 2.24.

Logo des SMURF-Seminars
Picture: Dr. Heiko Pingel
SMURF seminar dates
Date ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍  ‍ SpeakerTitle
Winter semester 2023/24
08-Feb-23Maria Rosa Scicchitano (GFZ)TBA
01-Feb-23Emilio J.M. Criado SuttiElastic waves in an infinite half-cylinder and why spherical cows are crucial in mechanical models
11-Jan-23Fujun WangTBA
04-Jan-23>>Christmas break<<
28-Dec-22>>Christmas break<<
21-Dec-22>>Christmas break<<
14-Dec-22Barra Peak (University of Colorado)TBA
07-Dec-22Maxime BernardTBA
30-Nov-22Roland FreislebenTectonic geomorphology of the central Trans Alai Piemont, northern Pamir mountains, Kyrgyzstan
23-Nov-22Magda PatyniakActive faulting at the tip of the southern Subandean Orogenic Wedge in Bolivia
16-Nov-22Ana Fonseca (Ghent University)TBA
09-Nov-22Benjamin RendallNew perspectives on sediment routing in mixed depositional systems
02-Nov-22Sebastian WolfTectonics or Surface Processes: The Beaumont number of mountain belts on Earth
26-Oct-22Simone RicanoTectonic driving mechanism of Quaternary rock-uplift and topographic evolution in the northern-central Apennines...
19-Oct-22Manudeo SinghFloodplains hydrogeomorphic assessment using optical and radar remote sensing methods
Summer semester 2023
27-Jul-23Lennart GrimmTBA
13. Jul-23Sushma PrasadAsynchronous late Holocene droughts in the Indian Monsoon realm
06-Jul-23Wolfgang SchwanghartStudying rejuvenating landscapes with chi- and knickpoint analysis using TopoToolbox
29-Jun-23Johannes RembeExhumation of the Niedere Tauern block, insights from zircon and apatite (U-Th-Sm)/He dating
22-Jun-23Isabel WapenhansScale-dependent contributors to river profile geometry
15-Jun-23Andreas Scharf (Sultan Qaboos University, Oman)Tectogenesis of listwaenite in the Oman Mountains
08-Jun-23Lorenzo Gemignani (Freie Universität Berlin)Tectonic and Climatic Controls on the Landscape and Drainage Evolution of the Dinaric-Hellenic Junction
01-Jun-23Roland FreislebenStructural and temporal characteristics of marine terraces in the Illapel earthquake area
25-May-23Julien AmalbertiNoble gases in volcanoes
18-May-23>>No Seminar (Holiday)<<
11-May-23>>No Seminar<<
04-May-23>>No Seminar<<
27-Apr-23>>No Seminar (EGU-Week)<<
20-Apr-23>>EGU Practice Talks<<
Winter semester 2022/23
09-Feb-23Lingxiao GongDrainage development in an intra-continental mountain belt: A case study from the south-Central Tien Shan
02-Feb-23Fergus McNab (GFZ)Responses of alluvial river networks to environmental change
26-Jan-23Simone RacanoQuaternary morphostratigraphy and uplift rates at the Central Anatolian Plateau (CAP) Southern Margin
19-Jan-23Paper discussionWolf et al. (2022)
12-Jan-23Johannes RembeEocimmerian Back-Arc Basin Evolution in Central Asia
05-Jan-23>>New Year's reception with Galette des Rois<<
29-Dec-22>>Christmas break<<
22-Dec-22>>Christmas break<<
15-Dec-22>>No seminar (AGU week)<<
08-Dec-22Peter van der BeekMiocene cave sediments record topographic, erosional and drainage development in the Western European Alps
24-Nov-22Coline AriagnoMonitoring and modelling the physical weathering of marls in badlands and its effect on erosion
17-Nov-22Cody CollepsThe Lesser Himalaya of northwest India: Insights into India–Asia collision, fold-thrust belt exhumation, and Neogene seawater chemistry
10-Nov-22Julien AmalbertiNoble gas signatures in snow
02-Nov-22Amaëlle LandaisAWI Online Lecture Viewing: Glacial – interglacial variability recorded in deep polar ice cores
27-Oct-22Cody CollepsPaper Discussion: Spencer et al. 2022: Composition of continental crust altered by the emergence of land plants. Nat Geosci 15, 735–740.
20-Oct-22Jingtao LaiGlacial erosion and postglacial response - dynamic landscapes in a oscillating climate
Summer semester 2022
28-Jul-22Magda PatyniakThe surface rupture of the 2008 Nura earthquake (Mw 6.6): Uncovering a secondary, flexural-slip faulting phenomenon
21-Jul-22Willenmijn van KootenThe influence of pre-existing heterogeneities on Cenozoic exhumation in NW Argentina
14-Jul-22Apolline MariottiComparison of long-term (0 - 75 ka) vs short-term (2016-2021) variations of denudation rates in the Var catchment
07-Jul-22Sarah LindenlaubGravitative mass movement modelling in the alpine region as base for realistic disaster management training scenarios
07-Jul-22Louisa SchwitzerImproved computer-generated soil loss models for the Andes by calibration with catchment wide denudation rates
30-Jun-22>>SMURF tea-time<<
23-Jun-22Sushma PrasadHolocene Climate Variability in the Indian Monsoon Realm
16-Jun-22Roland FreislebenTectonic processes responsible for various wavelengths of permanent deformation on the western coast of South America 
09-Jun-22Asfaw ErbelloThe broadly rifted zone in south-western Ethiopia, East Africa
02-Jun-22>>No seminar (EGU week)<<
26-May-22>>No seminar (EGU week)<<
19-May-22Richard OttHolocene erosion transience: Quantifying soil erosion induced by ancient civilizations on Crete, Greece
12-May-22J. Amalberti, M. Bernard, and C. CollepsCOOLER Project
05-May-22Simone RacanoTiming of rock-uplift and of the North Anatolian Fault development in the Central Pontides (Turkey)


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