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Logo des SMURF-Seminars
Picture: Dr. Heiko Pingel

Our group seminar, SMURF seminar for short, takes place every Thursday at 14:15 during the lecture period in house 27, room 2.07 or 2.24.

Logo des SMURF-Seminars
Picture: Dr. Heiko Pingel
SMURF seminar dates
Sommersemester 2024
18-Jul-24Ge YukuiDecay of Yarlung  Tsangpo River valley since late-Eocene
11-Jul-24Svetlana BotsyunPaleoclimate Perspectives on Surface and Deep Earth Interactions
04-Jul-24Verónica Torres AcostaNavigating the Landscape of Science Funding
27-Jun-24Gerold ZeilingerIntersecting Horizons: Collaborative GIS Infrastructure and Emerging Frontiers in 3D Outcrop Research
20-Jun-24Koshnav RenasUplift, exhumation, and subsidence in the NW Zagros orogenic belt during Miocene in response to the Neotethys slab dynamics
06-Jun-24Maria R. ScicchitanoOxygen isotopes in serpentinites by SIMS: what can we learn
30-May-24Paper discussionDrainage divide migration and implications for climate and biodiversity (He et al., 2024, Nature rev. earth & env.)
23-May-24Paper discussionSustained deformation across the Sub-Himalayas since 200 ka (Bouscary et al., 2024, Geology)
16-May-24Anahi CarreraTectonic and Climatic Drivers Exhuming Adak and Kagalaska Islands - The Aleutian Island Arc
09-May-24>>No Seminar (Feiertag)<<
02-May-24Fyntan ShawExploring Antarctica: The Oldest Ice Core Project and accounts from the field
18-Apr-24>>No Seminar (EGU-week)<<
12-Apr-24Prof. Guocan WangTectono-geomorphological processes and rise of the Eastern Tianshan during Meso-Cenozoic
11-Apr-24>>EGU Practice Talks<<
21-Mar-24Barra PeakProterozoic exhumation and sediment transport on the North American Midcontinent revealed with (U-Th)/He thermochronology


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