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Organizing your Studies and Exams with PULS

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Source: PULS homepage

PULS is the University of Potsdam’s online platform, which offers various services for planning and organizing your studies. This electronic service allows you to use the integrated online course catalog, create your own timetable, register for the relevant courses and for the examinations and projects due in the semester, and view your own grades. In addition, you can submit applications and upload documents via PULS.

Take a look at our introductory video explaining how to use PULS here.

Access to PULS

Using your student ID number, which you can find on your student ID card (PUCK), please activate your central university account at Account.UP. You will then receive your user name and set your own password. These access data will enable you to log in to PULS as well as to all ZIM IT services. Students whose enrollment is not yet complete or whose payment of the semester fee is still outstanding cannot carry out the activation process.

Course Catalog

The current  Course Catalog for the University of Potsdam is available online in PULS as of September 15 for the winter semester and March 15 for the summer semester. You will need a central University account and a valid iTAN list to register for courses in PULS.

Your Personal Schedule

The PULS system enables you to create your own schedule online. For more information on planning your semester schedule, please see the online help resource under „My Schedule“ or watch the video here.

Registering for Courses

After you have worked out your schedule, you have to register for your selected courses in PULS.

1. Registering for courses in degree programs that are not in PULS

Registering for courses can differ for specific departments and institutes. You will find out during the introductory events how registration works in the different subjects.

2. Registering for courses with PULS

Registration for courses and performance evaluations (examinations, term papers, or other forms of evaluation) is done in PULS. It is absolutely necessary to register for modularized degree programs in PULS. Your admission to a course is not decided by the time at which you register. All registrations are handled in an equitable manner up to the first day of admission (see Dates and Deadlines). If there are more registrations than seats in a particular course, then a separate procedure, based on criteria specified by the degree programs, will decide who will be allowed to enroll for the course.

3. Registration deadlines

There are certain deadlines for course registration and for de-registration that you absolutely must comply with. Specific information will be provided in the introductory events and orientation tutorials.

You can find the deadlines online at Registration deadlines.

Create Applications

In the course of the digitalization of examination and student administration, you can now submit a number of applications via PULS. You can view the applications directly in PULS or on the respective websites on the Internet.

Upload Documents

In addition, documents can be submitted directly to the responsible Student Administration Center in the Division of Student Affairs via the menu item “Upload Document."

My Digital File

Here you will see a history of documents uploaded to PULS and digital applications submitted through PULS.

Lost your iTAN list?

You can use your current iTAN list to create a new iTAN list in PULS. If you cannot find your current iTAN list, please contact the Student Administration Center/ Central Examination Office by email.

Additional functions

In addition to the functions mentioned above, you can also use PULS to download your enrollment certifications, print out a review of your grades, and maintain your address and email data. It is also possible to enter and confirm data in PULS that is required by the University Statistics Act.



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