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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Potsdam University's Chip Card - PUCK

How is Potsdam University's Chip Card distributed after the semester has started?

Do I need a new chip card every semester?

What can I do if I cannot find my chip card, and how do I get a new card?

How is the chip card updated?

My chip card appears to be defective. What can I do?

What kind of information is on the chip card?

What are the current functions of the chip card?

Where is the chip?

Where can I add money to the wallet function of my chip card?

How do I retrieve the funds remaining on my PUCK when I deregister from the university?

My chip card still contains the bar code for the university library. Do I have to get a new PUCK without a bar code?

Where can I get certificates of enrollment for previous semesters?

How can I change my address?

My name is changed due to marriage, etc. How can I get a new card?

What can I do if the card number on my PUCK is illegible?

Can I use the PUCK to pay my library fees?

When I use my PUCK card, the terminal displays Error 448 (Löschkarte). What do I do?

Where are the validation stations for updating the PUCK?

Do you have questions regarding the Potsdam University's Chip Card - PUCK?