Research Focus

Depending on strain rate, temperature and material composition ductile shear zones with mylonites, brittle fault zones with cataclasites, or fault gauges are formed. Most of the current projects are related to fault zones. Most of the work is based on the fact that structures often preserves evidence of non-equilibrium conditions.

Image: Institut für Geowissenschaften

Presently five major aspects are in work:

1. Formation of frictional melts in all crustal levels (New Zealand, Calabria, Norway,

2. Ductile fault zones of the deep crust and mantle (Sweden, Colombia).

3. Metamorphic evolution of the middle to deep crust (Colombia, Sweden, Italy)

4. HFSE (rare earth elements = REE and Nb-Ta) and Li in geological systems
     (Argentina, Colombia).

5. Emeralds of Colombia

6. Tectonometamorphic evolution of regions in Colombia, Argentina and Sweden

7. Application and modification of analytical methods for geological objects and
     cultural heritage (LIPS/LIBS, cathodoluminescence and thermophotography)

Image: Institut für Geowissenschaften