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Research Focus

Main research focus of our group is related to different kind of seismological investigations. Within recent years we have worked on the analysis of the earthquake source, the monitoring and modelling of the spatio-temporal dynamics of earthquake occurrence, the analysis of seismic wave propagation phenomena and their use for imaging the earth structure at distinct spatial scales as well as on probabilistic seismic hazard analysis. The activities can be grouped as follows:

Seismic Hazard

  • Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis.
  • Rapid characterization of earthquake sources.
  • Characterization of shallow site effects on damage distribution of earthquakes.

Imaging of seismic sources and Earth structure

Signal processing and stochastic observational seismology

  • Detection and classification of seismic events.
  • Development of real-time seismogram analysis techniques.
  • Development of stochastic methods for the analysis of large data sets.