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Paleoclimate Dynamics

Suguta Valley
Photo: apl. Prof. Dr. M. Trauth

Research Activities

Our research is on the paleoclimate dynamics of the lower latitudes, with special emphasis on the impact of environmental changes on the biosphere. The studied time scales range from a few million years to less than a year. As examples, we work on the impact of climate change on human evolution in E Africa (long time scales of millions to hundred thousands of years), the influence of climatic change on the hydrological cycle and the role of the tropics in global climate change, climatically-induced mass movements, erosion processes and floods in the Andes and E Africa (intermediate time scales of tens of thousands to thousands of years) and the influence of extreme events such as volcanic eruptions, droughts and floods on the biosphere (time scales of hundreds of years to years). An aspect of our research is the reliability of climate proxies and reconstructions and the development of new statistical tools for environmental reconstructions.

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Suguta Valley
Photo: apl. Prof. Dr. M. Trauth

Prof. Dr. Martin H. Trauth

AG Paleoclimate Dynamics


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