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Research Projects



Lacustrine carbonates, microbialites and mixed carbonate clastic deposition in the Salta basin (Argentina)

Lacustrine carbonates of the Ries Crater (Germany)

Assessing the impact of evolving biota in the evolution of Oligo-Miocene carbonate systems

Petrophysics of carbonate rocks: assessing the link between rock fabric and effective porosity

Pore system networks in the Muschelkalk of Northern Germany (Middle Triassic)

Carbonate systems and reefs in the late Paleozoic (Permian)

Basin analysis and resources evaluation in the Beni Suef Basin (Late Cretaceous)

Sedimentological, stratigraphic and petrophysical characterization of Miocene mixed clastic-carbonate systems (Malta and Tunisian Shelf)

Paleogeograophic and stratigraphic evolution of Cenozoic coastal strata (Sudan)