Study Earth Sciences

The teaching unit Geosciences offers the following degree programs and degrees in the field of geosciences:

Geosciences / B.Sc. (mostly in German)
Geosciences/ M.Sc. (mixed German/English)
International Field Geosciences / B.Sc. (mixed German/English)
Remote Sensing, geoInformation and Visualization / M.Sc. (in English) 

Within the B.Sc.-Geosciences-Programme you will learn about the structure, composition and dynamics within planet Earth as well as about functions and services of the Earth System.

Within the M.Sc. Geosciences you will earn fundamental knowledge of modern Earth System sciences, its utilization and as well as cross-disciplinary applications.

Information about doctoral studies in geosciences (Dr. rer. nat.)

Information about the doctorate at the University of Potsdam (external link)

Doctorate at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (external link)

Potsdam Graduate School (PoGS) (external Link)

Examination Committee

The EC is responsible for all issues related to degree courses offerd by the Institute for Geosciences.

Student Council

The Student Council GeoW!ss is the voice of all students from the institute within university policy discussions and decissions. (Website in German only)

Information (deadlines, entry requirements, etc.) about the application process for the University of Potsdam.

With Erasmus+ the European Union fosters student, lecturer and staff mobility in Europe and partnering regions all over the world.