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Research Projects

Schematische Darstellung der Erde vor 4.5 Milliarden Jahren

Highly siderophile elements during accretion of the early Earth

This project aims to understand what happened during the formation of our planet 4.5 billion years ago.

Stability of carbonates in the lower mantle

Stability of carbonates in the lower mantle

In this project, the stability of carbonates in the lower mantle is investigated using high pressure and high temperature experiments.

Anomalous property of water

Light water, heavy water: Anomalous properties of water

This project combines fields of physics and geology to gain new insights into the unique structural properties of water.

Hydrolyses of ATP: Limitation of living conditions?

Hydrolysis of ATP: Limitation of living conditions?

This project aims to gain insight into essential survival mechanisms at the molecular level.

n-situ XAS an der Mo K-Kante in 1M NaOH Lösung. Quarz-Pyrit-Molybdenit Ader (Toromocho Kupferlagerstätte, Peru). Hydrothermalautoklav für in situ Experiments, ESRF, Grenoble, France.

Molybdenum in aqueous solutions and porphyry ore deposits

In this project, the solubility of molybdenum (Mo) and copper (Cu) in liquids is determined to understand the formation of Mo-Cu deposits.



DOME Dynamics of Ore Metals Enrichment

Der neue Experimentierplatz ID27 an der ESRF in Grenoble

The new ID27 experimental station at the ESRF in Grenoble

This project supports the construction of a new research infrastructure at the European Synchrotron Source ESRF in Grenoble.

More current and also completed research projects

More current and completed research projects

Here you find an overview of more current and completed research projects.