Elemental Analyzer Euro EA 3000

CHN Laboratory
Photo: Antje Musiol
CHN Laboratory

By using this elemental analyzer it is possible to determine the concentration of nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen in solid samples.

The substance to be analysed is digested by an oxidative combustion of samples packaged in tin foil. The combustion takes place explosively in a highly oxygen enriched He atmosphere.

Gases that generated during the combustion are led by the carrier gas (helium) into the separation column. CO2, H2O, N2 and SO2 are separated chromatographically within this column. The separation is based on the molecular sizes.

For the determination a thermal conductivity diode (TCD) is used.


  • TC (total carbon), TN, H
  • TOC (organic carbon, calculated)
  • IC (inorganic carbon)


 Euro EA 3000 

CHN Laboratory
Photo: Antje Musiol
CHN Laboratory



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