Mineralogy & Petrology Seminar

WS 2022/2023

The Mineralogical and Petrological Seminar will be held in WS 2022/2023 on Fridays at 12:15 pm as an online-only event. The lectures will not be recorded. 

Access data for the Zoom Meeting can be obtained from Dr. Sieber (melanie.sieber@uni-potsdam.de).  

WS 2022


21. Oct 2022online onlyMaxwell ThiemensVrije University BrusselThe evolving battle over lunar evolution
28. Oct 2022online onlyYulia GruzdevaGFZ tba
04. Nov 2022online onlySofia LocchiUni Milantba
11. Nov 2022    
18. Nov 2022    
25. Nov 2022    
02. Dec 2022    
09. Dec 2022    
16. Dec 2022    
06. Jan 2023online onlyAnna NikolenkoUni Potsdam / GFZtba
13. Jan 2023    
27. Jan 2023online onlyCatharina HeckelUni Frankfurttba
03. Feb 2023    
10. Feb 2023    

Past events


The Mineralogical and Petrological Seminar will take place in SS 2022 on Fridays at 12:15 pm either as an online-only event or as a hybrid event (see below).

Access data for the online meeting can be requested from Dr. Sieber (melanie.sieber@uni-potsdam.de).

The on-site event will be held in House 27, Room 2.07 and is subject to the current Corona regulations. For hybrid-events, the seminar will be simultaneously broadcast via Zoom.

SS 2022


29. April '22online onlyMelanie LorenzFID GEOFID GEO: How open is our research? A discussion on the state of open science in the field of mineralogy and petrology
6. May '22online onlyAndrea Luca RizzoNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) - ItalyGeochemistry of noble gases and CO2 in fluid inclusions from the lithospheric mantle beneath Eifel and Siebengebirge volcanic provinces (Germany)
13. May '22cancelledMelanie LorenzFID GEOMind the gap: Is there a miscibility gap between Fluorapatite and Fluorbritholite-(Ce)?
20. May '22online onlyLea PennacchioniGFZElasticity of carbonates
27. May '22-no seminar (bridging day)  
3. June '22-no seminar--
10. June '22online onlyDr. Vitor BarroteFU-BerlinMultiple isotopes in Monazite via split-stream LA-ICPMS: developments and applications
17. June '22online onlyDr. Dan HarlovGFZMetasomatic resetting of the zircon U-Th-Pb geochronometer and trace element signature as a function of fluid chemistry and P-T
24. June '22online onlyDr. Sergey LobanovGFZWhat color is the mantle? Spectroscopy meets geodynamics
01. July '22 no seminar (field-trip)  
08. July '22 no seminar  
15. July '22online onlyKhachiwan BuakorXFELShock compression of (Fe,Mg)O at X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL)
22. July '22 no seminar (IMA)  

Winterterm 2021/2022

In the WS 2021/2022, the Mineralogy and Petrology Seminar will be held  Fridays at 12:15 pm as a hybrid event.  The in-person meeting takes place in building 27, room 2.07 and the participants have to follow the  current regulations related to the Corona situation. Simultaneously, we will stream the meeting using zoom. The access to the Zoom meeting can be requested by Dr. Sieber

WS 21/22
22. 10. '21Justin CasausUniversity of MichiganExperimental metasomatic incorporation of S into apatite as a function of fluid chemistry and oxygen fugacity at 800 °C and 1000 MPa
29. 10. '21Dr. Hans-Josef ReichmannGFZSynthesis of group IV alloys using pressure and temperature
05.11.'21no seminar  
12.11.'21Nicola PrecisvalleUniversity of FerraraOH/F Substitution in Topaz: Relationships between Structural Features, Surface Reactivity and Chemical Environments
19.11.'21Dr. Naira MartirosyanGFZcancelled
26.11.'21Dr. Daniel HarlovGFZ

Metasomatism, mass transfer, and REE-actinide mobility in iron-oxide-apatite (IOA) deposits

03.12.'21Malte StoltnowGFZHydrothermal fluid evolution above a hypothesized granite cupola. Formation of deep hydrothermal vein-type molybdenum greisen and base metal mineralization at the Sweet Home mine, Colorado, USA
10.12.'21no seminar  
17.12.'21no seminar  
14.01.'22Melanie LorenzUPIs There a Miscibility Gap Between Fluorapatite and Fluorbritholite-(Ce)?

Sofia Locchi

University Milan - Bicocca


28.01.'22Dr. Valby van SchijndelUPApplications of Laser Ablation ICP-MS in geosciences, University of Potsdam
04.02.'22Dr. Maria KokhUPThe role of CO2 and sulfur in the transport and fractionation of metals by geological fluids
11.02.'22Dr. Manuela BorchertWWU & DESYInsights into formation of tin ore deposits: solubility of cassiterite & influence of oxygen fugacity on tin speciation in ore fluid

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Summerterm 2021

The Mineralogy and Petrology Seminar will be held in SS 2021 on Fridays at 12:15 pm as an online-only event.    Access can be obtained by contacting Dr. M. Sieber

16. April '21Dr. Wolfgang MorgenrothUPBMBF project NanoExtrem: upgrade of extreme conditions beamline ID27@ESRF
07. May '21Lélia LibonUPCarbon in the deep Earth: The fate of magnesite in the Earth's lower mantle
14. May '21Lukas SchifferleGFZMechanisms of spin transitions in iron-bearing minerals as inferred from optical absorption measurements
21. May '21Jannes BinckUni FrankfurtCarbonates at the p, T-conditions of Earth‘s mantle and new findings on sp^3 carbonates
28. May '21Iris WannhoffFUBpostponed
04. June '21Dr. Thomas AngererUni InnsbruckIron oxides as valuable 'geo-archives' and their application in ore genesis studies
11. June '21Serena DominijanniUni BayreuthSound velocity measurements of B2-Fe-Ni-Si alloy under high pressure by inelastic X-ray scattering: Implications for the composition of Earth's core
18. June '21no seminar  
25. June '21Robin SakrowskiTU Dortmund

Iron's electronic structure in bridgmanite at pressure conditions of the earth's deep mantle

- an in-situ X-ray emission study

02. July '21

12:15 pm

Bolortuya Badamdorj

Uni Potsdam

Weathering behavior of Xenotime: example of Olserum, Sweden

02. July '21

3 pm

Dr. Markus SchölmerichLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryHigh-pressure research on SiO2 through laser-induced dynamic compression at X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL)
09. July '21Dr. Maria Rosa ScicchitanoGFZTracking Serpentinisation Processes with SIMS: An Example from the Chenaillet Ophiolite (Western Alps)
16. July '21Prof. Han HsuNational Central University of TaiwanAnomalous thermal properties and spin crossover of ferromagnesite (Mg,Fe)CO3

23. July '21


Dr. Daniel HarlovGFZThe origin and evolution of iron-oxide-apatite (IOA) deposits world-wide: magmatism vs. metasomatism
23. July '21Dr. Melanie SieberUP - GFZMelting relations of Ca-Mg-carbonates and trace element signature of carbonate melts in the Earth's upper mantle


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MinPet Seminar WS 2020/2021

The Mineralogy and Petrology Seminar will be held in WS 2020/2021 on Fridays at 12:15 pm as an online-only event.    Access can be obtained by contacting Dr. M. Sieber

WS 20/21 Mineralogy Petrology Seminar
20. Nov '20David MatzdorffUniversity of PotsdamUpcycling Struvite: template-free synthesis of mesoporous phosphates and the effect of transition metal ions
27. Nov '20Dr. Maximilian KorgesUniversity of Potsdam (Mineralogy)The influence of incremental magma chamber growth on ore precipitation in porphyry copper deposits - a numerical modeling approach
postponedMalte StoltnowGFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences  (Anorganic and Isotop-geochemistry)Significance of magmatic fluids in the formation of the Early-stage mineralization in the Detroit City Mine, Colorado, USA - Evidence from fluid inclusion microthermemtry, and stable and noble gas isotopes
11. Dec '20Dr. Malte JungeLudwig-Maximilians-University Munich (Crystallography)Metal mobility - ore formation and modification within ultramafic rocks
08. Jan '21Dimitrios DimitriousUppsala UniversityCrystals in dykes in the North-East Rift Zone of Tenerife (Spain): a window into the deep magma storage under oceanic island volcanoes
15. Jan '21Dipl. Geol. Britta BookhagenFederal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR)Raw materials for future technologies
22. Jan '21

Simon J.E. Large

Natural History Museum, London (Department of Earth Sciences)

The multi-Myr arc magmatic evolution resulting in porphyry copper deposit formation
29. Jan '21Dr. Sabrina GalluccioFederal company for radioactive waste disposal (BGE)Synthese und Charakterisierung von Spezialzementen unter Verwendung von Mineralisatoren
05. Feb '21Roberta SpallanzaniUniversity of Potsdam (Mineralogy)Elemental diffusion and isotopic fractionation of Li and B in hydrated silicate melts

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