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Mineralogy & Petrology Seminar

SS 2024

The seminar will take palce in room 2.07 (building 27, campus Golm) and online via zoom


12. April

Christoph MoellerUPTentative stability field of ATP: Implications for life under extreme conditions
19. April  no seminar (EGU conference)
26. AprilLuca KoldeweyUPElastic and structural properties of Ab25An25Di50 glass from surface to lower mantle conditions
3. Mai   
10. Mai  no seminar (bridge day)
17. MaiAnastasiia ShevtsovaU de LyonPhosphorylation of prebiotic precursors on the early Earth
24. MaiWolfgang MorgenrothUP 
31. MaiLuca KoldeweyUPExperimental constraints on carbonation kinetics and mechanisms of natural Antigorite
7. JuniMaria KokhU Münster 
14. JuniAnne GlerumGFZ 
21. JuniFujun WangUPFirst identification of Late Mesozoic intraplate granitic magmatism in the Chinese Tianshan
28. Juni  no seminar (excursion)
5. Juli   
12. Juli   
19. JuliLaura García GomezU Malaga 


WS 2023/24

The seminar will take place in room 2.07 (building 27 campus Golm) and online via zoom


20. October



27. OctoberChristoph MoellerUPHydrolysis rate constants of ATP up to 120 °C and 1.6 GPa: Implications for life at extreme conditions
3. NovemberMelanie SieberUPfluid-present melting of magnesite in the upper mantle
10. NovemberGeorgii KovalskiiUPFundamentals of XAFS (X-ray Absorption Fine-Structure Spectroscopy)
17. NovemberMaria KokhU MünsterSolubility and speciation of tungsten in hydrothermal fluids
24. NovemberMasafumi SudoUP

In-situ Ar/Ar dating and petrography of Quaternary East Eifel Olbrück volcano: On the source of excess argon in nosean

1. DecemberChristian AlbersTU Dortmundwith special registration (e-mail to Wolfgang Morgenroth by November 22nd): PhD defense Christian Albers, TU Dortmund
8. DecemberKerstin GreskyUPInvestigation of anatectic melt inclusions to unravel the chemical differentiation of the continental crust
15. DecemberLukas SchifferleGFZOptical Properties of (Mg,Fe)O at high pressure (Doctoral defense)
22. Decemberno seminar  
29. DecemberChristmas holidays  
5. JanuaryChristmas holidays  
12. JanuaryPatrick O'BrienUP'Gemstones' from Germany
19. JanuaryFranziska SchefflerU JenaGlasses in agriculture
26. JanuaryMonika Koch-MüllerGFZThe coesite-stishovite transition in hydrous Al-bearing SiO2: preliminary results of an in situ synchrotron X-ray study
2. FebruaryMarie BonitzGFZCan we define alteration indicators to identify hydrogeological influences in a sedimentary rock sequence?
9. February  short presentations, perhaps from the course 'Experimental Mineralogy-Petrology'


SS 2023

The seminar will take place in room 2.07 (building 27 campus Golm) and online via zoom


05. May


Enrico RibackiUP

PhD defense titled:

Intra-granitic pegmatites of the Las Chacras-Potrerillos batholith, Argentina

12. MayRebecca VolkmannGFZTransformation Processes and Kinetics in the Magnesium Phosphate Mineral System
19. Mayno seminar   
26. MayAnna NikolenkoGFZSolubility of Zr- and Nb-bearing minerals in alkaline silica-undersaturated
melts at 750-1000 °C and 100-200 MPa conditions
02. Juneno seminar  
09. June

Moritz Zöllner

BAMMineral thermometry of carbonate minerals in high-fired medieval gypsum and lime mortars: Burned or not burned?
16. JuneDebby SchmidtUPBioleaching of Rare Earth Element from Primary Resources using Heterotrophic Organisms – Chances for the Sustainable Recovery of Critical Metals?
23. JuneChristoph MöllerUP

In-situ hydrolysis rate constants of ATP as a function of p-T-X, exploring the limits of life

30. Juneno seminar   
07. Julyno seminar  
14. JulyIris WannhoffFUNew insights about the (U?)HP Koralpe-Saualpe-Pohorje Complex (Eastern Alps)
21. JulyDaniel JaeckelUPContributions to provenance analyses of the Silgara Formation, Santander Massif, Colombia
28. JulyEnrico MarzottoGFZOlivine’s High Radiative Conductivity Increases Slab Temperature by 100-200 K


WS 2022/2023

The Mineralogical and Petrological Seminar will be held in WS 2022/2023 on Fridays at 12:15 pm as an online-only event. The lectures will not be recorded. 

Access data for the Zoom Meeting can be obtained from Dr. Sieber (  

WS 2022


21. Oct 2022online onlyMaxwell ThiemensVrije University BrusselThe evolving battle over lunar evolution
04. Nov 2022cancelledSofia LocchiUni Milantba
11. Nov 2022online onlyNada Abdel-HakGFZ

The relevance of phengite and garnet as hosts for nitrogen in the deep Earth: an experimental study

18. Nov 2022online onlyBernd HinrichsenBASFWhat on Earth? A Mineralogist's Career in Chemical Industry
25. Nov 2022hybridYulia GruzdevaGFZMagmatic controls on fluid exsolution and implication for Porphyry deposits formation
02. Dec 2022hybridMatthew Stephen HuberUniversity of Western CapeHiding in plain sight: Discovering the proximal impact ejecta of the Earth's largest impact (Vredefort, South Africa)
13. Jan 2023postponedAnna NikolenkoUni Potsdam / GFZEudialyte solubility in alkaline silica-undersaturated melts at 750-1000 °C and 100-200 MPa conditions
20. Jan 2023hybridTobias SchnepperGFZHydrogeochemical impacts of pumped hydropower storage in open-pit lignite mines
27. Jan 2023online onlyCatharina HeckelUni FrankfurtSheared peridotites from the Kaapvaal craton: Linking deformation and metasomatism in the lithospheric mantle
03. Feb 2023online onlyLisa EberhardUtrecht UniversityRethinking antigorite dehydration: microstructural analyses of deformed serpentinites