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Mineralogy & Petrology Seminar


The seminar will take place in room 2.07 (building 27 campus Golm) and online via zoom


05. May


Enrico RibackiUP

PhD defense titled:

Intra-granitic pegmatites of the Las Chacras-Potrerillos batholith, Argentina

12. MayRebecca VolkmannGFZTransformation Processes and Kinetics in the Magnesium Phosphate Mineral System
19. Mayno seminar (bridging day)  
26. MayAnna NikolenkoGFZSolubility of Zr- and Nb-bearing minerals in alkaline silica-undersaturated
melts at 750-1000 °C and 100-200 MPa conditions
02. June   
09. June   
16. JuneDebby SchmidtUPtba
23. JuneChristoph MöllerUPtba
30. Juneno seminar (excursion Fichtelgebirge)  
07. July   
14. JulyIris WannhoffFUNew insights about the (U?)HP Koralpe-Saualpe-Pohorje Complex (Eastern Alps)
21. JulyDaniel JaeckelUPtba
28. JulyEnrico MarzottoGFZOlivine’s High Radiative Conductivity Increases Slab Temperature by 100-200 K


WS 2022/2023

The Mineralogical and Petrological Seminar will be held in WS 2022/2023 on Fridays at 12:15 pm as an online-only event. The lectures will not be recorded. 

Access data for the Zoom Meeting can be obtained from Dr. Sieber (  

WS 2022


21. Oct 2022online onlyMaxwell ThiemensVrije University BrusselThe evolving battle over lunar evolution
04. Nov 2022cancelledSofia LocchiUni Milantba
11. Nov 2022online onlyNada Abdel-HakGFZ

The relevance of phengite and garnet as hosts for nitrogen in the deep Earth: an experimental study

18. Nov 2022online onlyBernd HinrichsenBASFWhat on Earth? A Mineralogist's Career in Chemical Industry
25. Nov 2022hybridYulia GruzdevaGFZMagmatic controls on fluid exsolution and implication for Porphyry deposits formation
02. Dec 2022hybridMatthew Stephen HuberUniversity of Western CapeHiding in plain sight: Discovering the proximal impact ejecta of the Earth's largest impact (Vredefort, South Africa)
13. Jan 2023postponedAnna NikolenkoUni Potsdam / GFZEudialyte solubility in alkaline silica-undersaturated melts at 750-1000 °C and 100-200 MPa conditions
20. Jan 2023hybridTobias SchnepperGFZHydrogeochemical impacts of pumped hydropower storage in open-pit lignite mines
27. Jan 2023online onlyCatharina HeckelUni FrankfurtSheared peridotites from the Kaapvaal craton: Linking deformation and metasomatism in the lithospheric mantle
03. Feb 2023online onlyLisa EberhardUtrecht UniversityRethinking antigorite dehydration: microstructural analyses of deformed serpentinites