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Applied Geophysical Facilities

Geophysical Field Techniques

- Surface georadar system (100, 200, 250, 500 and 1000 MHz antennas)
- Borehole radar (100 MHz antennas)
- Portable cesium magnetometers 
- Fluxgate magnetometer 
- 100 electrode DC resistivity system  
- 72 channel seismic recording system (including various types of geophones and sources)
- Borehole seismic equipment (sparker source, 24 hydrophone streamer, 3C borehole geophones)
- Electromagnetic mapping system (frequency domain conductivity meters)
- Borehole logging system (including a variety of tools)
- Surveying techniques (DGPS, total station with automatic target tracking)  

Lab Resources

- Frequency dependent elecrical properties
- Total water content 


- Various commercial packages for processing seismic reflection and georadar data
- 2D/3D inversion software for DC geoelecrical data
- 2D/3D traveltime tomography (commercial packages and in-house developments)
- 2D/3D inversion tools for various electromagnetic data (mainly in-house developments)
- Processing and visualization of borehole logging data
- Special 3D data analysis and visualization tools