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Digital Service-Learning Offer:

"Language Education and Support for School Students at German Schools Abroad Provided by Students in Pre-service Teacher Education Degree Programs from Potsdam”

Two seminars from the academic departments of German as a Foreign/Second Language as well as Inclusive Didactics of German started a collaboration in winter semester 21/22. While one of the seminars has an emphasis on language education, the other seminar focuses on language support, with both seminars dealing with reading, speaking, writing, presenting, and listening. The goal of this seminar project is to support the school students in the linguistic-systematic as well as the linguistic-pragmatic field of German in all subjects. The participating students in pre-service teacher education degree programs with their practical experience can gain cultural insights through the international exchange, which may lead to a longer internship period at your school. The project’s teaching materials will be collected digitally and made available to the participating schools. In addition, if there is sufficient interest, it would be possible, after close consultation with the teachers and assessment of their needs, to offer a workshop for teachers in which the suitability of the materials created could also be addressed.

A team of two students provides interested school students with a service learning offer in the field of language education and support via Zoom. This may include, for example, support with regard to reading comprehension, text writing, encouraging oral lesson interactions, teaching grammar/orthography, or creating presentations in the individual school subjects. We will keep an eye on the linguistic competences according to the curriculum in the individual grades. This offer of support can be taken on one single occasion or several times over a shorter period of time as a “power course” after consultation between the teachers and parents. The learning time is arranged on a case-by-case basis and should be based on the wishes of the schools and parents.

The offer is aimed at students of cooperating German schools abroad in secondary level I/II.