3. Language Education and Support in a Multi-Lingual/Inclusive Context – Didactics of German as a Foreign/Second Language, ZeLB, and Didactics of German in an Inclusive Context

The project “Language Education and Support in a Multi-Lingual/Inclusive Context” is one of the 12 sub-projects of the ZeLB project “UP Network for Sustainable Teacher Education”, which is part of the DAAD-funded program “Lehramt.International“ (2021-24).

Socio-political framework

With flight, migration, and social differences, the linguistic heterogeneity of the student body in Germany is constantly increasing. Teachers must also consider the different language levels of their students in order to support subject-specific learning processes. Furthermore, the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (“Kultusministerkonferenz”) states in its recommendation “Bildungssprachliche Kompetenzen in der deutschen Sprache stärken” [in German only] of December 5, 2019, the goal of promoting educational language competencies not only in German lessons, but also in all subjects. In the training of teachers, the focus should thus also be on designing subject-specific lessons in a language-aware manner.

The project combines two demand-oriented offers, which are linked to different phases in the pre-service teacher education degree program:

  • a seminar on language awareness in subject-specific teaching as part of the practical semester of the Master’s degree in pre-service teacher education (abroad)
  • a digital service-learning offer for language education and support – by students for schools students of the German schools abroad cooperating with the ZeLB

Language-sensitive teaching for the internship semester abroad

Digital Service-Learning Offer "Language Education and Support for Pupils of German Schools Abroad


"Language Awareness in Subject-Specific Teaching"

  • Dr. Torsten Andreas
    Working area DaF/DaZ Didactics
    Email: torsten.andreas@uni-potsdam.de 
    Phone: +49 331 9774211
  • Dr. phil. Manuela Hackel
    Advisor for the Internationalization of Teacher Training(ZeLB)
    Email: mhackel@uni-potsdam.de 
    Phone: +49 331/ 977 25 6010

Service-Learning Offer "Language Education and Support"

  • Prof. Dr. Winnie-Karen Giera
    Junior professorship for German didactics in an inclusive context / focus on language and communication (secondary level I)
    Email: winnie-karen.gierauni-potsdamde
    Phone: +49 331 977 232801
  • Aylin Braunewell
    Graduate Assistant
    Email: dafdaz-lsuni-potsdamde

Project Partner at the University of Potsdam:

AG Sprachbildung des ZeLB (Language Education working group at the ZeLB [in German only])

International Partners:

Cooperation schools of the ZeLB (German Schools aboard [in German only])


  • Educational Sciences
  • All subject-specific didactics