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5. Education for global citizenship and sustainable development – English

“Education for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development”is one of the 12 sub-projects of the ZeLB project “UP Network for Sustainable Teacher Education”, which is part of the DAAD-funded program “Lehramt.International “(2021-24).

The objectives of the project by the English Department are development, testing, and implementation of university didactic teaching concepts and online-formats (COIL) in the fields of “Education for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development”. Those teaching offers serve to teach subject-specific and interdisciplinary professional competences to prospective teachers in the field of Education for Sustainable Development and to develop didactic concepts as well as suitable teaching and learning materials. Those will also be made available to the teaching staff. The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the 2030 agenda serve as a framework for considering social, political, and ecological issues and challenges from multiple perspectives. Prospective teachers of language, social science, and natural science subjects will develop and discuss subject-specific and interdisciplinary approaches and teaching-learning materials in this project.

The development of international online-formats (COIL) and modules in the cooperating subjects at the UP and international partner institutions (among others English, Geography, History), takes place in the form of network meetings, guest lectureships und through participation in student’s summer schools. The development of teaching-learning materials in the learning area global development for the subject English (primary and secondary level) takes place within the framework of regular and interdisciplinary courses as well as project days with partner schools.

The Leibniz Project Week [in German only] is an interdisciplinary, international project that was designed with a campus school on a real-life, relevant topic with the involvement of a German school abroad. Issues of sustainable development are studied and discussed with the school students with ample practical relevance.