Sports Education Research:

Bodies in the Context of Digitality and Digitalization

The project “Sports Education Research: Bodies in the Context of Digitality and Digitalization” is one of the 12 subprojects in the ZeLB project “UP Network for Sustainable Teacher Education,” which is funded by the DAAD program “Lehramt. International” (2021-24).

The subproject’s central goal is to advance the internationalization of the teacher training programs at the University of Potsdam. In order to achieve this goal, a teaching format on the socially current topic “Bodies in the Context of Digitality and Digitalization” with a strong project reference will be developed and tested together with international partners. In the project seminar, master’s teaching students from Germany and Austria will deal with the socially virulent topic of “Bodies in the Context of Digitality and Digitalization” on the basis of subject didactic theories and research-based findings and conduct their own small research projects in this regard. They will present the results at a symposium.

The subproject provides for a once-a-year transnational seminar at the University of Potsdam, University of Vienna and University of Graz for 2022-2024. In order to enable cross-national cooperation, the students should, on the one hand, come into exchange with each other within the framework of online formats. On the other hand, lectures by lecturers of the partner universities in digital form and in presence, as well as the organization of a joint symposium, are planned. In addition, the deepening of the cooperation and the implementation in university curricula will be addressed. For this purpose, project members have planned annual mobility activities in the form of joint networking and working meetings of the lecturers.

Project Lead and contact:

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Esther Pürgstaller
Structural Unit Educational Science (Department of Sport and Health Science)
Phone: +49 331-977-2432

Project Staff:

Tina Kowalzik

Lorena Menze

International Partners:

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Meier
University of Vienna,
Centre for Sport Science and University Sports & Centre for Teacher Education

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sebastian Ruin
University of Graz,
Institute of Human Movement Sience, Sport and Health,


Physical Education