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DAAD-Project „UP Network for Sustainable Teacher Education“

The project is organized by the Center for Teacher Training and Education Research („Zentrum für Lehrerbildung und Bildungsforschung – ZeLB“) and consists of 12 subprojects involving various subjects and departments of teacher education (Educational Sciences, Chemistry, German as a Foreign Language, English, French, Geography, Mathematics, Music, Spanish, Sports). It pursues the vision of an interdisciplinary, transnational network with partner institutions, such as universities, German schools abroad, and other scientific institutions. The project goals include the establishment and expansion of international partnerships, the acquisition of (inter-)cultural and (technical) language competencies of students and the integration of intercultural focal points into teaching. In addition, practical teaching projects with partner schools in Germany and abroad, online formats in teaching, and a rotating system of summer schools will create learning and exchange opportunities for students and staff.

Menschen vor dem Neuen Palais in Potsdam
Photo: Thomas Roese

Goals of the program

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