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ZeLB Membership

Efficient teacher education can only succeed with the help of a network of all involved parties. Therefore, the ZeLB wants to provide a platform to discuss recent questions of teacher education, the development of common projects and the encouragement of fresh initiatives and measures.

Members of the ZeLB are (in virtue of the ZeLB charter § 3 Abs. 1) directors and their full-time staff, holders of relevant teacher education jobs for professors (particularly from technical didactics, educational science and inclusion pedagogics) and their academic staff, as well as students enrolled for a teacher education based Bachelor or Master degree (apart from guest auditors).

Furthermore, according to a resolution of the assembly, the ZeLB can accept more members of the University of Potsdam. The immediate legal consequence of the membership is the eligibility (passive right to vote) in the assembly. Any rights and duties, which derive from a membership at a faculty remain unaffected by the ZeLB.