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1. International Summer School - Center for Teacher Training and Education Research

The “International ZeLB Summer School” is one of the 12 sub-projects of the ZeLB project “UP Network for Sustainable Teacher Education”, which is part of the DAAD-funded program “Lehramt. International” (2021-24).


  • Networking and project development: getting to know each other personally, building and expanding trust, agreements on joint teaching-related projects and partnerships between actors within the University of Potsdam and with colleagues worldwide.
  • Scientific exchange between the participating colleagues
  • Recognized teaching opportunities for Potsdam and international students in the teacher education program

Target groups:

  • Actors in teacher education within the University of Potsdam and international partner universities
  • Teacher education students at the University of Potsdam and the international partners
Summer School Participants
Photo: Ernst Kaczynski
ZeLB Summer School 2022

“Teaching the SDGs – Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship”

August 29 - September 3, 2022

In 2015 the United Nations agreed on the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development", with the objective of enabling people to live in dignity everywhere in the world. The 2030 Agenda embraces the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of development, an in this context, enabling high-quality education is essential: It empowers individuals and communities to act responsibly as global citizens in a global society. Therefore, future teachers will play a vital role when it comes to implementing the 17 SDGs and preparing younger generations for the challenges in an ever-changing world.

Our 2022 Summer School at the University of Potsdam was designed to raise awareness for the importance of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education. International lecturers from Europe, Australia, Colombia, and the US brought in a variety of expertise, disciplines and perspectives. Four subject-specific Study Groups were complemented by interdisciplinary learning opportunities as well as a cultural program in Potsdam and neighboring Berlin.

The Summer School connects up to 60 future teachers from different disciplines studying at six European and one US-American university. The Summer School took place from August 28 - September 03, 2022. Please find the full program here.

Study Group CLIL / Chemistry

Study Group CLIL / Chemistry

"Water4Future: Teaching Sustainability in the bilingual Classroom"

Study Group English / History / Social Studies

"Engaging with Global Citizenship: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching that responds to multiple Cultures and Migrations"

Study Group Multilingualism

"Visualization and Virtual Reality meet Multi-Linguistic Landscapes"

Study Group Music Education

"Music in a Changing World. How to advocate for Change through Music and in Music Education"

Summer School impressions: