7. Cooperation Mathematics Education in the Digital Age – Mathematics Secondary Level

“Cooperation Mathematics Education in the Digital Age” is one of the 12 sub-projects of the ZeLB project “UP Network for Sustainable Teacher Education”, which is part of the DAAD-funded program “Lehramt.International” (2021-24). It is planned as a summer school on a three-year rotation.

The aim of the project is to internationalize the degree program in Mathematics for students in pre-service teacher education degree programs for secondary school levels by establishing institutionalized cooperation projects. The plan is to cooperate with two international universities and to collaboratively develop a one-week international summer school for mathematics students, which will be offered in Potsdam in the opening year 2022 and at the partner universities’ locations in the two following years according to a rotation principle. For the summer school 2022 in Potsdam, the working group for Didactics of Mathematics will design seminars, workshops, and possibly other formats (e.g. excursions) with a thematic focus on Mathematics Education in the Digital Age. Students of the UP as well as students of partner universities will receive credit points (presumably three credit points) for attending this summer school. In the long term, the working group hopes to establish Erasmus and faculty partnerships with the cooperating institutions.

    Project Lead and contact:

    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kortenkamp
    Didactics of Mathematics
    Email: ulrich.kortenkamp@uni-potsdam.de
    Phone: +49 331/ 977 1470

    Project Staff:

    Claudia-Susanne Günther
    Academic Assistant of Didactics of Mathematics
    Email: claguent@uni-potsdam.de
    Phone: +49 331/ 977 2711

    Melina Fabian
    Academic Assistant of Didactics of Mathematics
    Email: mefabian@uni-potsdam.de 
    Phone: +49 331/ 977 203124

    International Partner:

    Griffith University 
    Assoc. Prof. Kevin Larkin
    Griffith Institute for Educational Research (Mathematics)
    Email: k.larkin@griffith.edu.au


    • Mathematics for Secondary Level