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Information on re-registration (fees, etc.) will be sent by e-mail to your University of Potsdam e-mail address.

Please note:

  • Students in discontinued programs who no longer have the right to take examinations are not entitled to re-register. Students who are studying under study and examination regulations that were issued on the basis of the BAMA-O as of 2009 or the BAMALA-O since 2013and for whom the examination deadline has expired due to taking twice as long as the standard time for completing a degree, also do not have a right to re-register. In such cases, re-registration is only possible if the deadline for completing examinations has been extended by the Examining Board/s AND the proof of extension of the deadline is submitted to the Student Administration Center/ Office of Student Affairs. Please contact your Examining Board/s.
  • Your enrollment as a doctoral candidate ends with the completion of your doctoral degree or the end of advising at the University of Potsdam, but definitely after 12 semesters in your subject of study. For further information see here (under Point 3).
  • Please take special notice of the fact that payment is generally not possible after the end of the grace period (August 31 for the winter semester or March 15 for the summer semester). If the payment is not made within the grace period at the latest, de-registration (exmatriculation) for official reasons must be carried out (Section 15, subsection 5 no. 3 of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act). Only if there are special reasons and proof is provided that the failure to meet the deadline was not the student's own fault, can the matter be re-examined within the framework of an appeal procedure. The assessment of the reasons provided is carried out in accordance with strict criteria. Only circumstances that are not attributable to you, i.e. that were beyond your control, e.g. illness (upon presentation of a medical certificate) or negligence on the part of the banking company, may be taken into account. Mere inability to pay is not a valid reason.

process of re-registration

FeesLegal BasisAmount
Student Service fees§ 87 Abs. 1 BbgHG€80.00
Student body fees§ 17 Abs. 4 BbgHG€15.00
Enrollment and re-registration fees

§ 15 Abs. 2 BbgHG

Deutschlandsemesterticket*Beitragsordnung der Studierendenschaft€176.40*
Total €322.40*

Missing the re-registration deadline will result in an additional administrative fee, which is currently €10.00.
(The administrative fee for late re-registration will be applied after the expiration of the regular re-registration period, with the sum entered in the personal transfer order template (sample) for re-registration.)

*The following student groups are not entitled to a Deutschlandsemesterticket according to the contract on the purchase of the Deutschlandsemesterticket:

  • students who are demonstrably on leave of absence or are spending a semester abroad
  • students who work while also studying part-time in degree programs classified as "berufsbegleitend" in the relevant study and examination regulations
  • students in continuing education programs

For further information, please contact the Student Union / AStA.

What shall I do if

... I do not need a Deutschlandsemesterticket?

... I can prove that I will be spending a semester abroad in the coming semester? Do I have to pay the amount for the Germany Semester Ticket ("Deutschlandsemesterticket") or can I be exempted?

... I am planning to end my at the end of the semester, or if I have already completed a final exam?

... I have not successfully completed my studies?

... my address has changed?

... I changed my health insurance provider?

... my re-registration is blocked due to outstanding obligations / payments with my health insurance company?

... I want to apply for a leave of absence?

... I want to continue my studies in a master's program?

... if I have already paid the fees for re-registration, but cannot yet update my PUCK or print out my certificates of enrollment for the coming semester?

... I realize that I have transferred the semester fee with an incorrect reason for payment, but to the correct account?

... I have transferred the semester fee twice?