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Issuance of Graduation Documents


After the successful completion of your final exams, you must do the following in order to receive your final record:

1. Issuance of your final record

Once your last grade is registered in the examination system (e.g. the last reader report for the final thesis or a last missing exam grade), your final record and a final transcript, if applicable, are issued by the Examination Office.

2. Notification of students

You will be notified by mail when your final documents are being issued. If a final transcript was issued, it will be included with the notification letter.

3. Processing of graduation documents

The issued documents (e.g. final record, Diploma Supplement) are first sent from the Examination Office to the director of the Examination Board. The signed document is then forwarded to the Dean for another signature. The signed documents are then sent back to the Examination Office.

Notes on transcripts

4. Picking up your graduation documents

The letter you receive from us will state that you can come to the Examination Office to pick up your graduation documents approximately 4 weeks after the mailing of the letter. The documents can be collected by a commissioned person with a written letter of authorization. Upon request the final record can be sent by post in substantiated cases.

Please make sure to check well in advance of your planned graduation date, that you have fulfilled all graduation requirements and that everything is listed correctly on your transcript.

Please keep in mind that only the abbreviation BE (bestanden = passed) means that your grade has been registered. Should you see PV (Prüfung vorhanden = exam present) next to the credit points on your transcript, it means that the module has not yet been registered as passed - even if (as in the example provided in the image) 7/7 LP (credit points) are listed. In this case we recommend that you contact the Examination Office to clarify the matter. If grades are not yet registered, we recommend a personal consultation with an administrator in the Examination Office no later than at the time of submission of your final thesis. The time needed for the evaluation and grading of your final thesis can then be used to clarify the matter.

Notes on transcripts