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Online Summer School 2021

Concept of the Summer School

We are pleased to announce two fully sponsored consecutive online summer schools for 40 doctoral students from the fields of geology, geophysics, geoecology, meteorology and environmental-oriented biology, chemistry and physics. These interdisciplinary summer schools will be designed for doctoral students, aiming (1) to improve their skills to understand the complex interaction of the processes in the Earth's climate system, (2) to acquire knowledge in state-of-the-art methods of climate time series analysis, (3) to interpret the results of their analysis of past, present and future climate change, including the associated uncertainties, as well as (4) to identify, predict and communicate the impacts of natural and human-caused climate change in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment, taught by a team of experienced lecturers and researchers.

Program of the Summer School

Session 1 | 23 May–13 Jun 2021

1 Climate Dynamics, Past and Present
23–30 May 2021 | Maslin, Kaboth-Bahr

2 Fundamentals of Climate Time Series Analysis
30 May–6 Jun 2021 | Trauth, Düsing

3 Uncertainty of Climate Data Across Scales 
6–13 Jun 2021 | Berner, N.N.

Session 2 | 22 Aug–12 Sep 2021

4 Extreme Events in Climate Time Series
22–29 Aug 2021 | Mudelsee, N.N.

5 Complex Systems, Recurrence and Networks in Climate
29 Aug–5 Sep 2021 | Marwan, Krämer

6 The Impacts of Climate Change
5–12 Sep 2021 | Feulner, Asrat

During Sessions 1 and 2

7 Visible Traces and Effects of Climate Change 
Trauth, Foerster, Dulanya, Schäbitz, Müller

8 Communicating Climate Change
Foerster, Dulanya, Schäbitz, Stiller-Reeve

Instructors of the Summer School

apl. Prof. Dr. Martin H. Trauth
    U Potsdam, Germany

together with

Prof. Dr. Asfawossen Asrat
    U Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dr. Nadine Berner
    GRS gGmbH, Germany

Dr. Zuze Dulanya
    U Malawi, Malawi

Walter Düsing, MSc
    U Potsdam, Germany

Dr. habil. Georg Feulner
    PIK, Germany

Dr. Verena Foerster
    U Köln, Germany

Dr. Stefanie Kaboth-Bahr
    U Potsdam, Germany

K. Hauke Krämer, Exam. Phys.
    PIK, Germany

Dr. habil. Norbert Marwan
    PIK, Germany

Prof. Dr. Mark Maslin, FRGS, FRSA
    University College London, UK

Dr. Manfred Mudelsee
    Climate Risk Analysis, Germany

Jutta Müller, Dipl.-Betriebsw. (FH)
    Freelance journalist, Germany

Prof. Dr. Frank Schäbitz
    U Köln, Germany

Dr. Mathew Stiller-Reeve
    Climate Dialogue Consultancy, Norway

Tanzania Sunset
Photo: Martin H. Trauth