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Trends, rhythms and events in East African climate (DFG)

PI:Prof. Dr. Martin TrauthGeologist, UP, trauthgeo.uni-potsdamde
PI:Dr. Norbert MarwanPhysicist, Potsdam Institut of Climate Impact Research
Members:Walter Düsing, MScGeoscientist, UP
 Hauke Krämer, Exam. PhysPhysicist, UP
Partners:Dr. Nadine BernerGesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit
 Dr. Verena FörsterUniversity of Cologne, Germany
 Prof. Asfawossen AsratUniversity of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
 Prof. Frank SchäbitzUniversity of Cologne, Germany
 Prof. Henry LambUniversity of Aberystwyth, UK
Funding:Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft TR419/16-1 since April 2017
Summary:This projects aims at statistically analyzing the long (~278 m) sediment record of the Chew Bahir basin, as part of the ICDP-funded Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling Project (HSPDP). The aim of the project is (1) to establish a robust age-depth model for the sediment cores, (2) to correlate the Chew Bahir record with other records within and outside HSPDP, (3) to detect trends, rhythms and events in the environmental record of the basin, and (4) identify recurrent, characteristic types of climate transitions in the time series, as compared with the ones of the other HSPDP sites and climate records outside HSPDP. This task is handled by a doctoral student, who will work in a team of specialists in the field of mathematical geosciences at the University of Potsdam and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, but will benefit also from the larger Chew Bahir and HSPDP projects. The Doctoral Student, expected to be trained as an earth scientists with a pronounced fascination with mathematical methods, will use linear techniques to establish an age model and to detect climate shifts and cycles. He/she is expected to understand the sediment and proxy forming processes in the basin as well as he/she is expected to be equipped with solid knowledge in statistics and programming. He/she will use nonlinear methods to detect more complex or hidden processes within the data. The results of the project will help to illuminate the role of climate change (timing, nature, abruptness, magnitude, and synchronicity of these shifts especially the transitions between Glacial and Interglacial) in the evolution of mammalian (including hominin taxa) during the Pleistocene.
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