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Jonas Bauer

Dynamics of ground- and surfacewater quality caused by intensive land subsidence, climate- and landuse changes in the southern Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Tino Degenhardt

Ableitung von Ökosystemdienstleistungen aus Bodenwasserhaushaltsparametern unter Berücksichtigung des Klimawandels für Trinkwasserschutzgebiete am Beispiel der Region Bühl

Felix Dörr

Landsenkung und Grundwasserversalzung im Mekong Delta (in Kooperation mit KIT-IWG, Franz Nestmann)

Christian Moldaenke

Methodenentwicklung zur Ermittlung der Desinfektionseffizienz von Ballastwasser- und Trinkwasserbehandlungsanlagen unter Nutzung optischer Eigenschaften von Phycocyanin und Chlorophyll

Van Cam Pham

Identification and adaptation of mitigation measures to counteract intensive land subsidence in a tropical delta system - the example of Camau-Peninsula, Southern Vietnam

Carolin Reichert

Ableitung und Bewertung von wasserhaushaltsrelevanten Ökosystemdienstleistungen im Raum Bühl auf der Basis von Biotoptypen

Hoan Tran

Development of a prognosis tool for the salt water intrusion process into aquifers in the Mekong Delta in the context of land use management and climate change

Xiao Wang

Spatial distribution of aerosol pollution and urban heat island in built environment

Guining Wei

Integrated Monitoring and Modeling of Water Bodies for Early Detection of Algal Blooms for the example of Wahnbach Reservoir, Germany

Andre Wilhelms

Sensor system development for highly time and depth resolved monitoring of vertical gradients and dynamics of surface water quality parameters

Anna Willmann

Studies on the occurrence, stimulation and monitoring of the metabolic aerobic trichlorethene biodegradation (in cooperation with TZW, Andreas Tiehm)

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Chunying Wu

Influence of climate change induced precipitation patterns on run-off regimes (in cooperation with the University of Melbourne, Michael Stewardson, Angus Webb)


Feng Jiang

Chemical characterization and optical properties of brown carbon aerosol (in cooperation with KIT-IMK-AAF, Thomas Leisner, Harald Saathoff)

Jing Qian

Development and Application of Big Data and Deep Learning Concepts in Water Environment Management (in cooperation with the Institute of Hydrobiology, Wuhan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yonghong Bi)


Linyu Gao

Chemical composition, phase partitioning, aging, and ice nucleation of secondary organic aerosol (in cooperation with KIT-IMK-AAF, Thomas Leisner, Harald Saathoff)

Junwei Song

Impacts of the interactions of biogenic and anthropogenic emissions on the physical and chemical properties of organic aerosol relevant for air quality and climate (in cooperation with KIT-IMK-AAF)

Yefim Shtirkin

Impacts of clogging minerals and groundwater extraction on mobility of arsenic in aquifers