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General Information

Your duties

Check your PULS account regularly to ensure that your grades and credits as well as the title of your final thesis (if applicable) are recorded correctly. Should modifications be necessary, please contact the Examination Office during office hours.

Regulations and legal foundations

Your Course or Examination Regulations are based on the effective General Rules and Regulations in your program of study and they regulate your course of study. You can find information on your Course or Examination Regulations here.

Your examination version

The examination version applicable to your field of study can be found in your academic transcript (Leistungsübersicht). You can print this document for your records through PULS.

Course completion credits, exam credits, and module examinations

Course work completed for courses in a module can be graded or non-graded.

Non-graded work (Studienleistung) is assessed as “Pass” or “Fail.”

Work that counts towards your examinations (prüfungsrelevant) is graded work that is completed and evaluated over the course of your studies.

A module exam or a module component exam is an oral or written exam that is conducted by examiners and that can be retaken twice.

Your academic transcript

If you are enrolled in a modular program, you can visit your PULS account and print your academic transcript at any time.

Registering for exams

Please inquire in your department, which type of exam registration is required of you: electronically through PULS or in writing directly with your department. Only your final thesis must be registered in person with the Examination Office. Please note that special deadlines apply here.

More information on modular programs that are administered through PULS can be found under Organizing your Exams with PULS.

Registering your final thesis

Information on your final thesis, topic assignment, etc. can be found under: Final Thesis.

Announcement of examination results

You can view all current examination results on your transcript in PULS. Please note that this option applies only to modular programs of study.

The right of admission to an examination

The right of admission to an examination is only eligible for the study program in which the student is enrolled. The registration for courses is generally possible even though those courses belong to a study program in which the student is not enrolled. The registration for examinations / mandatory courses is restricted to modules of the study program in which the student is enrolled. This means all course can be registered, but not all are acknowledgeable for the study program.

In case of illness

Should health reasons prevent you from taking an exam, you must submit a doctor's note in the original as well as the Addendum to the Note within seven calendar days. Both documents must be submitted to the Examination Office.

You see whether the doctor's note is registered at the Examination Office, if the registrations for courses or examaminations is no longer on your academic transcript (Leistungsübersicht).

Regulations for discontinued degree programs

You can find information on discontinued degree programs here.

Contacts and office hours for the Examination Office