MinPet Seminar

In the winter semester 2020/2021, the mineralogy & petrology seminar takes place on Fridays starting at 12:15 pm and will be hold as online event.  Access can be obtained by contacting Dr. M. Sieber

WS 20/21 Mineralogy Petrology Seminar
20. Nov '20David MatzdorffUniversity of PotsdamUpcycling Struvite: template-free synthesis of mesoporous phosphates and the effect of transition metal ions
27. Nov '20Dr. Maximilian KorgesUniversity of Potsdam (Mineralogy)The influence of incremental magma chamber growth on ore precipitation in porphyry copper deposits - a numerical modeling approach
postponedMalte StoltnowGFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences  (Anorganic and Isotop-geochemistry)Significance of magmatic fluids in the formation of the Early-stage mineralization in the Detroit City Mine, Colorado, USA - Evidence from fluid inclusion microthermemtry, and stable and noble gas isotopes
11. Dec '20Dr. Malte JungeLudwig-Maximilians-University Munich (Crystallography)Metal mobility - ore formation and modification within ultramafic rocks
08. Jan '21Dimitrios DimitriousUppsala UniversityCrystals in dykes in the North-East Rift Zone of Tenerife (Spain): a window into the deep magma storage under oceanic island volcanoes
15. Jan '21Dipl. Geol. Britta BookhagenFederal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR)Raw materials for future technologies
22. Jan '21

Simon J.E. Large

Natural History Museum, London (Department of Earth Sciences)

The multi-Myr arc magmatic evolution resulting in porphyry copper deposit formation
29. Jan '21Dr. Sabrina GalluccioFederal company for radioactive waste disposal (BGE)tba
05. Feb '21Roberta SpallanzaniUniversity of Potsdam (Mineralogy)tba

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