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Potsdam Research Seminar
in Economics

In winter term 2012/2013 initiated, the Potsdam Research Seminar in Economics (PRSE) covers a broad range of topics in the field of Economics. PhD candidates and invited guests have the opportunity to present and discuss their actual research projects or new ideas.

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays 2.15-3.30 pm room 2.31 (House 1) and online via Zoom. You will receive the login data with the invitation to the talk. Please get in touch with the CEPA team if you want to receive invitations.
Download: Program [PDF]

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Program Winter Term 2022

  • October 25 - Gerhard Toews | New Economic School
     "Enemies of the people"
  • November 1 - Jasper Tjaden | University of Potsdam
     "Experimental evidence on COVID-19 outreach among migrant communities on social media"
  • November 8 - Daniel Goller | University of Bern
     "Active labour market policies for the long-term unemployed: Evidence from causal machine learning"
  • November 15 - Mario Larch | University of Bayreuth
     "Do what you know and leave the rest to the experts: Quantifying the gains from efficient trading"
  • November 29 - Agata Galkiewicz | University of Potsdam
    "War, international spillovers, and adolescents: Evidence from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022"
  • December 6 - Eva Markowsky | University of Hamburg
    "Linguistic capital and parental influences on adolescents’ educational and occupational aspirations"
  • December 13 - Amrita Kulka | University of Warwick
  • January 10 - Alkis Blanz | University of Potsdam & MCC
    "Fiscal policy and the distributional effects of energy price shocks"
  • January 17 - Daphne Skandalis | University of Copenhagen
  • January 24 - Aiko Schmeißer | University of Potsdam
    "Do unions shape political ideologies at work?"
  • January 31 - Daniel Rodríguez | University of Potsdam
     "Heterogeneous effects of child care on female self-employment"
  • February 7 - Thomas Douenne | University of Amsterdam
    "Optimal Fiscal Policy in a Climate-Economy Model with Heterogeneous Households"
  • February 14Bernhard Herz | University of Bayreuth
    "A Taylor rule for the ECB’s unconventional monetary policy – a critical link perspective"


Shushanik Margaryan (PhD)


Campus Griebnitzsee
August-Bebel-Str. 89 | 14482 Potsdam
House 1, room 3.05a


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