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First Semester Students & Students

Photo: Matthias Friel

The University of Potsdam has a student population of approximately 20,500 and it aims to contribute to the successful completion of their studies with individualized course offerings and services. In order for all first semester students as well as all other students in every phase of their studies to have quick access to relevant courses and services, the following serves as an orientation guide tailored to the needs of specific student groups.

First Semester Students

You’ve applied and you’re enrolled - now you're ready to start with your studies! Even before university starts, it makes sense to pay attention to various deadlines and academic offerings in order to successfully begin your studies. The following information should provide you with an overview for preparing and beginning your studies at the University of Potsdam.

First Semester Students with Vocational Qualifications


In addition to the services that you can make use of in preparing for the start of your studies at the University of Potsdam, there are also services that can enrich your time at the university. In order for you to find the right service and also the right contact person, here is a list of many of the services offered by the central academic institutions and the faculties of the University of Potsdam.