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Moodle – The central e-learning platforms of the University of Potsdam

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Photo: Pixabay // Bereich Lehre und Medien
On this page you will find basic information on how to use the Moodle platforms at the University of Potsdam. The content is maintained jointly by the Zentrum für Qualitätsentwicklung in Lehre und Studium (ZfQ) and the ZIM - Zentrum für Informationstechnologie und Medienmanagement.

Direct access

the Moodle platforms of the University of Potsdam


The central e-learning platform of the University of Potsdam


The open Moodle platform (self-registration possible)


The exam platform


The Moodle platform for university entrance examinations and placement examinations.

Request and manage Moodle courses

Request, move, copy, delete courses. Add or remove course instructors.

Online teaching with Moodle

Provide materials and activities

Materials, audio and video recordings, activities, ...

Provide materials and activities

Texts, slides, scripts, audio and video recordings, activities ...

Tasks / Submissions

Allow tasks and submissions

Wikis, etherpads, glossaries, databases, ...