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Refereed Journals


  • Caliendo, M., Künn, S. and Mahlstedt, R. (202x): The Intended and Unintended Effects of Promoting Labor Market Mobility (202x) [previous title: Mobility Assistance Programmes for Unemployed Workers, Job Search Behaviour and Labour Market Outcomes], IZA Discussion Paper No. 15011, forthcoming in: Review of Economics and Statistics.
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  • Caliendo, M. and Rodriguez, D. (202x): Divergent Thinking and Post-Launch Entrepreneurial Outcomes: Non-Linearities and the Moderating Role of Experience, IZA Discussion Paper No. 16443, forthcoming in: Small Business Economics.
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  • Caliendo, M., Cobb-Clark, D., Pfeifer, H., Uhlendorff, A. and Wehner, C. (2024): Managers' Risk Preferences and Firm Training Investments, European Economic Review, 161, 104616 
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  • Caliendo, M., Fedorets, A., Preuss, M., Schröder, C. and Wittbrodt, L. (2022): The Short- and Medium-Term Distributional Effects of the German Minimum Wage Reform [previous title: The Short-Term Distributional Effects of the German Minimum Wage Reform], Empirical Economics, 64, 1149-1175. 
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  • Caliendo, M. and L. Wittbrodt (2022): Did the Minimum Wage Reduce the Gender Wage Gap in Germany? (2022), Labour Economics, 78 (102228), 1-11. 
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  • Caliendo, M. and Hennecke, J. (2022): Drinking is Different! Examining the Role of Locus of Control for Alcohol Consumption (2022), Empirical Economics, 63, 2785-2815. [Details & Download]
  • Caliendo, M., Cobb-Clark, D., Obst, C., Seitz, H. and Uhlendorff, A. (2022): Locus of Control and Investment in Training,  Journal of Human Resources
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  • Caliendo, M., Fossen F., Kritikos, A. (2022): Personality Characteristics and the Decision to Hire [previous title: What Makes an Employer?],  Industrial and Corporate Change
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  • Caliendo, M. and Tübbicke, S. (2022): Do Start-Up Subsidies for the Unemployed affect Participants’ Well-Being? A Rigorous Look at (Un-)Intended Consequences of Labor Market Policies, Evaluation Review
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2006 - 2007

2004 - 2005

  • Caliendo, M. and Steiner, V. (2005): Aktive Arbeitsmarktpolitik in Deutschland: Bestandsaufnahme und Bewertung der mikroökonomischen Evaluationsergebnisse, Journal for Labour Market Research / Zeitschrift für ArbeitsmarktForschung, 38(2-3), 396-418.
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  • Caliendo, M., Hujer, R. and Thomsen, S. (2004): Evaluation der Eingliederungseffekte von Arbeitsbeschaffungsmaßnahmen in reguläre Beschäftigung für Teilnehmer in Deutschland, Journal for Labour Market Research / Zeitschrift für ArbeitsmarktForschung, 37(3), 211-237.
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  • Hujer, R., Caliendo, M., and Thomsen, S. (2004): New Evidence on the Effects of Job Creation Schemes in Germany - A Matching Approach with Threefold Heterogeneity, Research in Economics, 58(4), 257-302.
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  • Caliendo, M. and Jahn, E. (2004): Verbleibsquote ein Controlling-Indikator für den Eingliederungserfolg von ABM!?, Zeitschrift für Evaluation, 1/2004, 51-69.

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