Tuğçe Aral

Tuğçe Aral

Research Associate

Diversity in Education and Development


Campus Golm
University of Potsdam
Inclusive Education
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 24 - 25
House 31 - Room 1.13
14476 Potsdam


consulting hours
only after previous agreement by e-mail

Research Interests

  • Psychosocial and cultural predictors of prosocial behaviour during adolescence
  • Prosocial behaviours of adolescents in ethnically diverse schools
  • Perceived cultural difference and its effects among adolescents with migration background
  • Diversity and ways of dealing with social inequalities in schools


Sevi, B., Aral, T. & Eskenazi, T. (2017). Exploring the Hook-Up App: Low Sexual Disgust and High Sociosexuality Predict Motivation to Use Tinder for Casual Sex. Journal of Personality and Individual Differences 

Keleş, S. Ç., Aral, T., Yildirim, M., Kurtoglu, E., Sunata, U. (2016) Attitudes of Turkish youth toward Syrian refugees in respect to youths’ gender, income, education, and city: A Scale Development Study. In Eroğlu, D. Cohen, J.H., Sirkeci, I. (Eds.), Turkish Migration 2016 Selected Papers (pp.173-181). London: TPL.