Information about Post-Doctoral Dissertations

The Regulations for a Post-Doctoral Degree of the Faculty of Human Science of 15 Mai 2013 apply.

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If you have any questions concerning doctoral studies, please contact:

Iris Lüßen-Koch
Golm, Haus 35, Raum 1.03
Telefon: 0331 977-2165


Office Hours 

For all requests concerning certitications, applications for post doctoral dissertations etc. please call or send an e-mail. Documents must be sent by post to: Universität Potsdam, Dekanat der Humanwissenschaftlichen Fakultät, Kar.-Liebknecht-Str. 24/25, 14476 Potsdam


A habilitation (process of obtaining postdoctoral university instruction qualifications) serves to prove the candidate's ability to independently represent a scientific or academic field in teaching and research. On the basis of the habilitation process, the Faculty of Human Sciences establishes the teaching qualification in an academic discipline of the Faculty's subject and research areas and awards the teaching qualification for the requested academic discipline after successful completion.


  • evidence of a special aptitude for academic work, normally attested by the quality of a doctoral degree,
  • evidence of relevant scholarly work after the completion of the doctorate,
  • evidence of sufficient teaching experience at a university or an institution of equal standing,
  • habilitation thesis in the form of a mongraph or cumulatively published research results.

Documents to be submitted to the Dean's office

  • the application for admission to a post-doctoral qualification in writing to the dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences with the exact title of the post-doctoral thesis and the subject area for which the candidate wishes to receive the teaching qualification,
  •  a curriculum vitae with information on the candidate's academic career,
  • a certified copy of the doctoral certificate or evidence of a foreign academic qualification equivalent to a doctoral degree as well as all certificates of academic examinations,
  • a list of all scientific publications and papers that have been accepted for publication,
  • a list of courses taught so far,
  • at least four copies of the habilitation thesis or the papers submitted as a habilitation, 
  • outlines of three topics for the academic lecture
  • statement of the candidate regarding any previous attempts of habilitation and affirmation that no habilitation is pending at another German university