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Professorship of Inclusive Education

Special Educational Needs/ Learning Focus

Picture of Prof. Dr. Antje Ehlert

Prof. Dr. Antje Ehlert

Professor of Inclusive Education

Special Educational Needs/ Learning Focus


Campus Golm
University of Potsdam
Inclusive Education
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 24 - 25
House 31 - Room 2.05
14476 Potsdam


consulting hours
appointments to be arranged by e-mail

Students who are interested in writing their master's thesis in mathematics may contact us in person or by e-mail. The master's thesis will be integrated into the research currently taking place within this group and advisors will be assigned accordingly.

Research focus 

  • Development of mathematical competences from pre-school age until secondary level
  • Development of screenings and diagnostic methods for tracking arithmetic difficulties from pre-school age until the end of primary school
  • Analysis of factors affecting mathematical development
  • Evaluation of training concepts for children with arithmetic difficulties at pre-school and early primary school age 
  • Various topics related to curriculum development of e.g., teacher cooperation, and the influence of teacher cooperation on student learning
  • Fostering self-regulated learning in school settings